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8 Kickass Unique Gaming & Nerding Experiences We Want for Vigilante

Vigilante is the opportunity to unleash our inner nerd in a bar atmosphere. Gathering a lot of gamer-types (and a lot of beer) in one place on the regular opens the door to some unique potential events. While we will have plenty of nights for board gaming, we are also excited about gamified social events for nerds. In the spirit of Keeping Austin Weird, here are a few fun ideas on our mind:

  1. Bars against Humanity. You thought Cards Against Humanity is fun and raunchy with just your friends? Wait until our bartenders (or the whole damn bar) reward your deplorably creative thoughts. (PS. Anne Frank is not an auto-win anymore, so step up your game.)
  2. Massive Murder Mystery Masquerade. Forget an eight person dinner party, why not a 50+ person game night and who-done-it? Part show, part puzzle, and empirically fancy, use Vigilante as an excuse to organize your next craft night and come equipped with your own +1 Mask of Awesomeness. (Or be lazy/efficient and buy one from Lucy in Disguise.)
  3. Epic Theme Soundtrack Evening. It’s trivia night with a decidedly laid back twist. Play a quiet game, have nice conversation, and strain your ears to channel your inner John Williams. If you’re the first to ID what movie or game the background music is from your next beer is on us.
  4. “Persistent Epicly” Local DnD Campaign. We love 5th Edition DnD, but we understand how hard it is to get a reliable group. Nothing is more epic than realizing your group is part of a larger storyline, and in a bar dedicated to nerd-dom. Play a campaign written by your own local DM that ties into our massive overarching storyline. We coordinate with other DMs to flesh out a sprawling story across several groups. As alway in tabletop RPGs: whatever our players say, goes. Add in a few beers and anything could happen. TPK goes down easier with a good lager, BTW.
  5. James Bond Espionage Poker Night. Pull out your fancy duds and your game face, because we’re hosting a dressed-up poker party with a twist: you and everyone around you has a mission, and it’s your job to lie, cheat, and steal your way to victory. While we don’t serve martinis (yet), who doesn’t want to discretely plot with secret allies while ordering from the bar?
  6. Board & Beer Game Mixer Mayhem. All games take less than an hour to play. All games take less than ten minutes to learn. Never play with the same folks twice. Never drink the same beer twice. Come prepared to accidentally find ten new members for your local game night (and to play gobs of things you’ve never played before).
  7. Ginormous Artemis Crew Night. In case you’ve never heard of it, the Artemis Bridge Simulator is the closest thing you’ll ever get to you and your friends commanding and crewing the Starship Enterprise. If you’ve ever wanted to fight off seven inebriated starships while laughing at your friend’s inability to man the weapon’s station, then bring your tablet and get ready to explore uncharted space. Friends don’t let friends drink and go to warp speed, but the First Officer often has impaired judgment.
  8. Cosplay Nerd Trivia Night. You don’t have to dress up, but our host does. He’ll be decked out, in character, and irreverently intoxicated. Nerd trivia like you’ve never nerded before at the most awesome gamer bar in Texas. With rotating themes (and maybe a contest for best dressed?) you’ll now have a good reason to field test your Halloween costume in January.

While we’re over here working hard to get Vigilante open and operational, go out and have a beer for us and kick around your own ideas for fun nerdy events. Have additional ideas?  Leave us a comment below!


By day, Preston Swincher is a public speaker and management consultant on Generation Y. In past lives he has been a Front of House manager, bartender, waiter, server trainer, busser and an accidental cook. He enjoys Magic: The Gathering, PC gaming, League of Legends, Dungeons and Dragons and plays a mean Cylon. By night he is The Keeper of the Bar, setting standards high and coordinating the design and execution of the Vigilante Identity and Mission.

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3 Responses

  1. Will Orth says:

    not sure if this was mentioned but will you be selling board games as well? Also for some of the reasons you eat out is to not hafta cook or clean, if you’re renting out board games could we have the table staff set up and clean up the game as they would set and clean the table too? Maybe if that is included in the reserved table fee? Just a thought.

    • vigilante says:

      Hi William Percival Orth III! Our plan isn’t to sell board games, but we are planning a great solution to connect you with a local retailer to purchase something you might play at Vigilante. Also: we are considering a table package which would include reservation, game setup, and game take down. Or maybe a take down charge would always be an option? Glad to hear it’s something our customers are thinking about as well!

  2. Stina Ruedas says:

    Ok, I cannot express how excited I am for almost all of these events. James Bond Poker Night?! FYES! Murder Mystery Masquerade? YES YES YES! Local DnD playing on a larger scale?!?! OMGMELTINGEYESAWESOME!

    Seriously exciting stuff!


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