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9 Things to Love About Vigilante’s Custom Gaming Tables

Today we enter the workshop to hand craft 16 custom gaming tables for Vigilante. #SweatEquity. Now that we’ve settled on a design, we’re thrilled to share the aspects of the tables we are most excited about:

    1. 40” x 40” play surface. Standard restaurant table are often 36”x36”, so make no mistake: you’ll have all the space you need to crush your enemies and see them driven before you
    2. Speaking of making life good: Fly Out Cup Holder, Jar Holder and Food Tray. You can’t spill your beer on a table it never touches, so holster your beverage, put aside your plate, and dig into your game without fear
    3. “Accio Server” Button. Harry Potter fans rejoice: you can summon things like magic. Focus on your game until you are ready to conjure food and drink, then push this glowing LED to alert the service team that you have a request
    4. Kachunk Robot. No, it doesn’t carry food and drinks, but it waves its little arms when you push the Accio Server button to signal the room. How badass/adorable is that?
    5. “Join Us” switch. Turn this enormous, 3d printed key to light the Vigilante Signal, a legit spotlight of our logo to inform the room that you are looking for additional caped crusaders to join your game. How much does Batman weigh? More than a polar bear.
    6. Meeple Tray. Each seat has its own removable drawer to store game pieces in. Keep your play area tidy and your meeples tidier. Alternatively, this makes a great cubbie for hidden game elements. Also look within for game accessories: dice, scribble pads, etc.
    7. Card Holder. Look ma! No Hands! Put up to 13 cards in this snazzy upright card carrier. Manage your burgeoning empire, betray your friends and eat a Caesar Salad at the same time
    8. Power Outlet and Ethernet. In case you want to come to a game night and a LAN party breaks out. Please bring headphones though: we don’t want you throwing off our focus on world domination.
    9. Do Not Push button. A red kill switch. What does it do? It’s a mystery. Maybe it orders another round. Maybe it involves a giant bar game. Maybe we had a bunch of spare electronics lying around.

Vigilante is seamlessly combining bar culture with gaming culture through our custom table design. We’re changing the way you communicate with your server, organize your meal and interact with other bar patrons to generate a more accessible social environment.

Finally: a big shout out to our Kickstarter backers, who funded these amazing tables. Months of R&D, prototyping and user feedback have eventually lead us to this design.

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  1. Bob Levering says:

    Congratulations to your team! All of those features appear to be useful and fun! Nice presentation too!

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