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Corporate & Venue Rental

Vigilante’s curated library of games is an ideal match for companies that want to foster interaction and forge social connectivity that isn’t possible in an office environment. Give your employees the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their teammates through the play and challenge inherent in board games. Through cooperative problem solving and friendly competition your employees will leave with a new perspective into the capabilities, thought patterns, and personalities of their coworkers.

Self-Directed Team Building Events

Vigilante will coordinate with your event organizer to curate a board game experience centered on your choice of:

  • Cooperative games to encourage team building
  • Social games to cultivate camaraderie and relationships
  • Competitive games to foster strategic & social thinking
  • General access to our curated game library

48 patrons per session/ half venue buyout

Work with Chef Donnie for fixed menu.

For more information, email rentals(at)vigilantebar.com


Vigilante only takes venue rentals during our daytime hours (11 am – 5 pm).