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Dungeons and Dragons, Season Two

Huzzah! Thank you all for an outstanding first season of Dungeons and Dragons at Vigilante. It has been an incredible adventure, and I’m so happy and proud of this community for coming together, forming new friendships and creating an all original story.

tl:dr; Season 2 starts next week. Here is the Season 2 Player’s Handbook. We are starting a new campaign and updating the pricing model for DnD. If you want to play next year, SIGN UP by Sunday at 6pm! Priority seating will be given to sign-ups as they occur.


Season 2 is about learning from last year’s successes and failures. Inter-table play in a collective universe is what makes DnD at Vigilante magical, and we are doubling down on our ability to deliver stories in that context. Here’s how we are doing it:

  1. Your DM team has written nearly 80 pages of all new lore, including custom takes on classic races, classes and backgrounds. This is a monumental achievement by our DMs, and deserves a huge HUZZAH. This will give us a unified, homebrewed living campaign! This Core Lore is supplemented by adventure hooks and secrets known only to the DM team (another 20 pages of content). This new world is built from scratch, and takes place in a different universe than Season 1.
    1. You can read the Season 2 Player’s Handbook and begin writing characters from it here.
  2. Vigilante is creating a Wiki, from which we will record and manage “Core Lore,” secret lore, player Stories and more. We will have a unified catalogue of lore to reference throughout your adventures. This wiki will be live next week.
  3. We are rebooting the Adventurer’s Guild and Dream Counsel into a “World Ship Fleet”. The Fleet is comprised of many ships (aka. adventuring parties), each party is lead by a Captain, and each party is a member of a 2-3 ship flotilla. This flotilla is your smaller, newer and more manageable “Dream Counsel”. Furthermore, each flotilla will have an Admiral, and occasionally Admirals will meet to discuss the direction of the fleet.
  4. Preston Swincher (Vigilante’s GM) will not be DMing a table this year. Instead, he will be acting as our Story Coordinator, working during Monday nights to field lore questions, play crucial NPCs, and occasionally host special sessions and Admiral’s meetings. Having one person to focus on inter-table play will enable us to create new interactions between tables and players, further helping us build out this world.
  5. We are unifying the leveling across all parties. The entire campaign will level up every week until we hit level 5, at which point you’ll level every month (eg. in June we will be 6th level, 12th level in December, and so on). For every 10 sessions you play, you will be rewarded with a bonus level. If you attend most sessions, you’ll be level 20 before the final battle next year! This will give players more power to help each other and work together across tables.

Next week, Session 0 will be a character creation whirlwind. Following our Season 1 resolution, we will be rotating players between tables based on race, background and class before uniting them with their old (or new!) DM. We advise that you make a first level character based on the lore we publish this weekend, but we will also be standing by to help with character creation next week! If you want a spot on the seating chart, please fill out this SIGN UP SHEET by Sunday at 6pm.


Vigilante has also grown since last year, having learned many lessons and made many changes as well. From menu reboots to rebuilding furniture in the social hall, we have worked hard to iterate on your feedback and create a home for this campaign.

In a successful restaurant, a single table will seat several parties in a night. As a board game restaurant, Vigilante averages significantly fewer parties (that stay longer) each night. In this way even a restaurant that appears busy can, in fact, not be busy. We have developed many tools to overcome this, the most important being our $3 Game Library fee, a tool that–while nominally designed to pay for the Game Library–is intended to help cover the cost for long table stays.

Beginning on April 16th, we will be charging a $5 Game Night fee, per person, to game at Vigilante after 4pm. This will be effective every night except Free Play Tuesdays, regardless of whether a patron uses our games or brings their own. This will exclude dine-in patrons (eg. less than a 60 minute stay and purchasing food). After a year of operating, it has become clear that this is crucial our survival. Dungeons and Dragons will be included in this new policy. However, Dungeons and Dragons Veterans (Season 1 Players), will be issued Adventurer’s Guild Cards, a loyalty punch card that grants you two free sessions for every four you play. This will replace the Secret Society. However, we are making public the Secret Society discount: get $5 back on your credit or debit card after every $100 you spend. Just text CONSPIRACY to 80777.

We believe that this fee is commensurate to the value that Vigilante presents: the space to play, the long table stay, the meals provided to the Dungeon Masters (DMs will be exempt from this fee), and the time spent by Vigilante staff to coordinate the event. This fee is industry standard at board game cafes across the country. Next week we will be going into more detail about why this transition is so crucial when we make the general announcement to our full (non-DnD) audience.

Finally, it has become impossible for us to continue giving the private rooms to Dungeons and Dragons at no cost. We want every party to have the opportunity to use the private rooms, but Vigilante also needs to be able to sell those rooms to interested paying patrons (normally at a rate of $75/night). We will be:

  1. Releasing the rooms to private party reservation as per every other night of the week
  2. On nights where the rooms are not booked in advance, gifting them to Dungeons and Dragons parties on a rotating basis so that all parties may use the rooms
  3. Allowing adventuring parties to book them. If multiple parties are interested in renting the same room, we will rotate the room between parties from week to week

Thank you all so much for your support and enthusiasm during our first year of operations. I believe our best stories and adventures are still to come, and that we are more prepared and better positioned to provide an incredible experience than ever. To that end: please take the time to thank your DM for their hard work. This team has poured their creativity and time into this incredible project. I believe you’ll see the results in your upcoming adventures!



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    hello, ive not played since high school and im 31 now. is it possible to get into DnD at vigilante


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