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Game Library Changes, Pricing Changes, Happy Hour and Sound Dampening!


Watching people laugh and game at Vigilante is a dream come true. Thank you for your patience, your patronage and your willingness to take a chance on our vision. Since opening, we’ve received hundreds of reviews, listened to countless recommendations, and have talked about how we operate with a retinue of consultants, backers and regulars. Things that our patrons love about us:

  • Friendliness of our staff!
  • The game library catalog app
  • Vigilante’s atmosphere and decor
  • Our original dishes, such as the pho slider, elote taquitos, and strawberry salad rolls

Reviewing this feedback has also revealed a few primary desires from our patrons. Many things are being solved as we gain experience: consistency of plates, service experience, maintaining the Accio Server lights and keeping our game library up to date.

In our usual spirit of transparency, here’s what we’re doing to address your feedback!


Update #1.  Change in game rental prices.

Our primary goal is to give you access to a ton of fun games to play. That being said, we need to offset some of the costs of being a board game bar: the custom boxes, the app that helps people find games, funding new games, counting and restocking pieces in old games, and counteracting the effect of very long table stays. After reviewing y’all’s feedback, I would crystallize the most significant sentiment against the fee as, “Why would my group of 8 pay $40 to play Cards Against Humanity when we could buy it ourselves?”

Our goal was to address this concern while still covering the costs of the library. Now that we have a clearer grasp on what the actual dollar value of those costs are, we’re in a good position to revise this policy. Here is our policy moving forward:

  • Game rentals for a table of four (4) or less will cost $10 for the entire table
  • Game rentals for a table of five (5)  or more will cost $20 for the entire table
  • Patrons will be able to split this fee among the table

Finally, if there was such a thing as the Vigilante Secret Society, then their members would be pleased to discover that from now on their membership card will pay for not only their games, but any three (3) friends they bring with them!

Udpate #2.  Reduced food prices

In response to feedback about portion sizes and price points, we are dramatically overhauling our price structure and plating. First, we’ve unbundled foods to move to a true small plates menu and are now serving food on (mega adorable) tiny white plates. Secondly, we’re reigning back on prices by upwards of 20%, as we now have a clear understanding of how our kitchen functions impact cost.

Update #3: House Infused Sake Drops and Cocktails

We’re expanding our sake menu! For people who desire a cocktail or shot experience, we have infused sakes from Mango Habanero to Strawberry and beyond! Dropping these decadent sake flavors into spiked pours of mead, cider, Clean energy drink or beer creats a flavorful shot experience to kick off your game night. Alternatively: our sake cocktails offer a refreshing sippable alternative to our regular beer and wine menu.

Update #4: Happy Hour and reduce window glare during Happy Hour.

We are introducing a killer Happy Hour special: from 4pm to 7pm you can get $4 Texas Draft Beers and $5 sake bombs! Plus free social games with the purchase of any small plate. The early Vigilante gets the best prices. Furthermore, we’ve already invested in tinting the upper quarter of our massive windows to reduce sun glare and heating.

Update #5. Less Noisy Space!

We love the openness of Vigilante’s floor plan and the industrial feel of the atmosphere. However: our space is filled with large, hard surfaces that bounce around a ton of sound. We love how much fun it is to hear other tables cheering (and mourning) during their game, but we don’t want your game to be overcome by the din.

Solution: we are investing in acoustic paneling that we’re hanging in the ceiling to reduce sound reverberation.  We’re also investing in additional curtains to reduce sound and sun glare during happy hour!

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5 Responses

  1. Madelinne says:

    This kind of transparency is amazing in any industry but especially in the food and restaurant industry. I have never actually been to your bar, but will definitely make a stop after this post – this is the kind of business practice I want to support with my dollars.

  2. Dale Peterson says:

    Awesome news on the game rental fees! That was my only complaint about your amazing new place. I just came from Seattle where these are very popular (some are coffee shops and a couple bars) and love the concept, especially being a gamer. If I were a spy in a game and wanted to investigate the Vigilante Secret Society I would find a secret email access and I could meet some really cool people, I just need another spy to help me locate their leader – can you help me?

  3. Casey Patton says:

    This is how I wish all establishments would operate: take feedback from their customers and make real changes. I was already a big fan, but now even more so. Well done, Vigilante!

  4. Matt says:

    It’s really exciting to see how you all are adjusting your business! I think your changes make a lot of sense.

  5. Austin Collins says:

    Wow impressive. I’ve never ever read something like this where a business opens, listens to feedback, shares the good and the bad, and addresses the issues so transparently. I’ve never been to your establishment BUT I definitely be going soon.


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