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Game Night Fee

Vigilante’s core value of adding board games to a restaurant is not in a game library, but in the space we provide and the duration of your stay. To alleviate a table turnover time that is much longer than the industry average, we have a $5 “Game Night Fee” for all patrons:

  • This is a per-person fee
  • It covers unlimited access to our library for the duration of your stay
  • Patrons are welcome to bring their own games, but the Game Night Fee will still apply
  • This fee is effective after 4pm Monday – Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday
    • Our lunch special ($8 for two sliders and fries!) still includes free games!
  • There is a “Dine-In Exemption”: if your stay is under an hour or you sit at the bar you will not be charged
  • Free Game Night will still be held every Tuesday