Dinner & Daggers

Vigilante and the Austin Historical Weapons Guild are proud to present Dagger Date Night! Grab a victim partner, and learn to stab them. Remember: a date lasts a night, but a stabbing lasts a lifetime.



Shake up your quarantine while staying socially distanced! Grab a partner — whether it’s your significant other, a friend, or your best frenemy — and get ready for a night of delicious stabby goodness. Indulge in Vigilante’s gastropub menu and then learn how to stab people, using real historical dagger techniques. Your ticket includes a one hour virtual, private dagger lesson the week of Valentine’s Day, a goodie bag with various HEMA and Vigilante related materials and a $50 Gift Certificate to Vigilante (redeem the same night as your lesson, or hold onto it for another special occasion). We recommend picking up your goodie bag with dinner before your lesson! (Note: normally a $135 value!)

In your private dagger lesson taught by Austin Historical Weapons Guild, you will learn grappling techniques, attacks, and parries. It’s like a swing dancing lesson, but with daggers! You’ll receive a welcome email with a private Zoom link for your class, and will also find a list of improvised DIY daggers you can find around your house. If you’d like to fight for “real”, you can add a pair of “cold steel” training daggers, available for pickup at Vigilante.

Redeem your Gift Certificate by ordering delivery (if you’re within 5 miles of us) or takeout via vigilantebar.com/orderonline.