Extended Reservation: 5-8 Players

Make a long reservation for free on Sundays, or for an added cost other days.

See details below.

Reservation INFO

To better match your party with the perfect game, what games are you most familiar with?

  • Only one reservation per party per night.
  • Maximum reservation time is 2.5 hours, except for private rooms and specific nights.


Sunday night is All Night Game night: make a reservation as long as you want at no additional cost!

Our service team is trained to deliver a full game night experience in as long as 2.5 hours. If no party needs your table at the end of your reservation, we will happily extend your stay at no cost. This is not uncommon on weekday nights. If you’re interested in playing longer games and want to guarantee the table for the entire evening, you may do so at an additional, non-refundable reservation fee.

Looking for a smaller table? Check here.

Please note: this fee DOES NOT include our normal $5 per person game night fee.

Reservation FAQs

Is Vigilante Kid Friendly?

Vigilante is a cocktail bar environment: we are not designed with kids in mind. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. We are 21+ after 10pm.

Can we make a reservation for more than 2.5 hours?

To ensure everyone gets to game, we limit table stays to 2.5 hours. If no party needs the table after your reservation we are happy to extend your stay at no cost. This happens frequently on weekdays. To book an extra long reservation, click here.

Do you allow outside food and beverage?

We do not allow any outside food and beverages, except for cakes/desserts for celebrating major life events. If you do bring such an item, please note we do not provide cutlery or plates. In accordance with health code, we may not store these items either.

How do I make a reservation for more than 8 people?

We have space for large parties. Please email hello(at)vigilantebar.com for assistance!