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Halloween Decorations

NEWSFLASH: Deep in the night Vigilante was struck by some spooky specters! They coated the premises in cobwebs and left behind some antiquated avians to stand watch. We valiantly tried to remove them, but ended up just thinking they looked pretty nice.

We enjoy getting dressed up so much, we’d like to invite you to do the same! Come in during the month of October in your favorite cosplay/costume and pay no table fees or game rental fees. Note: dress to impress, we need to KNOW it’s a costume in our bones for you to qualify.

Game Swap and Raffle

We are always appreciative of our members, and to commemorate their support, we will be hosting a massive Game swap and raffle on october 12th! Bring your old games that need a new forever home to the Social Hall to trade with other board game lovers. Don’t have a game to swap? Nab a few as we raffle off over 60 lightly used games from our extensive collection to make space for new titles. Raffled titles include: War of the Ring, 5 Tribes, Le Havre, Puerto Rico, Nations and more; see the complete list below! Finally: we are pulling these games from their wooden boxes and repackaging them into custom Vigilante cloth totes. Get a free bag with every game you win!

See our event for more info.

Slider of the Month

Finally, Chef Donnie is proud to introduce the Korean BBQ Slider as our Slider of the Month. A well-seasoned beef burger patty, adorned with; house made kimchi, crispy onions, cilantro, fresh jalapenos, and our korean bbq sauce.

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