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If the society DID exist, this is how we’d fix it.


Three weeks ago Gondor we lit the signal and called for aid. Since then, our sales have nearly doubled: thank you for putting us back on track. Our new Fall menu, parking arrangement, communal hall seating, and sake cocktail menu have set us up to impress patrons. In our continued quest to improve our services for our loyal patrons, we are happy to announce that today we are rebooting a certain secret society (which of course doesn’t exist).

What Needed to be Changed

The Secret Society membership has needed a reboot for a while.  When we opened, we made several assumptions that didn’t work out the way we hoped:

  1. Some of the technologies that we purchased to facilitate our membership program did not function as expected.
  2. If you have not gotten your swag:
    Please Click Here
  3. We had an unexpectedly large demand for tables that could seat 6+ game players. As our custom tables are designed to seat four players (and we originally designed our member and reservation system around tables of 4), this made fulfilling reservations for parties larger than four impossible.
  4. After our initial opening rush, we had way fewer reservations than we anticipated.  Outside of (very short waits) on Friday and Saturday, we now always have tables open for larger groups, especially with the opening of our Social Hall.


We are grateful for your patience as we learn and adapt, and we apologize for not delivering as promised. It is important to us that we do right by our key supporters, especially folks like yourselves who believed in us before anyone else did. To that end, we are reformatting our membership and loyalty program! The new program is available TODAY!

Secret Society Memberships

Here’s what a Secret Society membership now gets you:

  • Free game rentals and custom table rentals for yourself and up to three friends. In case you missed our update on our game library policy, your membership card is now good for free rentals for both yourself and any three friends.
  • Receive $5 for every $100 you spend. Once you’re in there’s no escape: you will be eternally enrolled in the loyalty program, even if your regular membership expires. To enroll in this program, text “conspiracy” to 80777.
  • Have exclusive access to the Vigilante Safe (Pictured above). Show your membership card to the Vigilante team, successfully complete a tableside puzzle, and get a chance to crack the safe! What will you find in the safe?
      • Our current favorite social game for you to warm up your game night with
      • An adorable tiny puzzle for you to take home
      • Swag and coupons from Vigilante and our business partners!
      • An opportunity to vote and nominate new games to add to our library
  • Discounted Weekday Secret Room Rentals
      • The new rates are $40 for lunch rentals and $60 for evening rentals
  • The Opportunity to Purchase Raffle Tickets when we Rotate Our Game Library
    • See the photo below of our most recent raffle!

When you flash your secret Society membership card, the Safe will be wordlessly brought to your table. We challenge you to try it!



A Note on Reservations & Waitlist

To help us focus on delivering these items, we are retiring reservations. Since opening, we have learned that reservations are unsatisfying to both us and our patrons. Our average table stay is too long and the number of patrons who use reservations is too low (which was surprising to us). However, you can call Vigilante up to an hour prior to your arrival to get a spot on our waitlist! Please note: despite a huge increase in sales, our waitlist times have actually DROPPED. Even on our busiest Saturday, we only put 4 parties on a 20 minute wait.


Upcoming Features – Tell Us What You Want

We are always on the hunt to improve. We have a few ideas for the Secret Society, and would love to know what you think we should prioritize:

  1. Secret Menu – Filled with gratuitous version of Vigilante’s menu (see: the double burger photo above). Solve the safe to find the menu.
  2. Secret League Play – Earn points every time you game at Vigilante. Earn prizes if you are the point leader.
  3. Exclusive Premium Games – Secret Society members would vote on upcoming high end titles that they would then have exclusive access to. Eg. Scythe.

Comment below with any other suggestions!




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5 Responses

  1. Drey says:

    Secret League Play and Secret Menu! That would be so cool.
    Premium games are okay, but… I have more games than you do. #gamerbrag #gauntletthrown 😛

    Love you guys!

  2. Janice says:

    Hm. I like the idea of a loyalty program but I don’t want to provide my credit card number for it. That just seems unsafe. What if my husband wants to pay and I haven’t added his credit card? I don’t want to add ALL of the possible numbers… now it’s even more unsafe. Ugh

  3. Ron says:

    I came over 3 or 4 times in the last 6 weeks. Being new to town I have no regular group. Despite multiple tries I never found an open game table of group of people with the maker on (for new player). It seams most people show up with their group. I have on a previous trip been to Emeralde Game cafe where i met a Meetup group and had a good time over several weeks. I would suggest a permanent Meetup group that meets once or twice a week… where people signup and can come knowing a spot is waiting for them. The current methods of welcoming solo or new gamers does not work.

    • Katie says:

      Totally agree, I wanted to really love vigilante like I love emerald tavern, but I didn’t feel like I could just join in. Maybe now with the bigger tables it’ll be easier. Definitely going to give it another go.

  4. Kevin says:

    Love the secret player league and menu! Be good to tie the points to a membership Id tho and possibly be able to add one significant other as others suggested. On another note: love the safe idea! And glad there was an upswing. We made many visits in the intervening time with friends hoping for the best. Long live social gaming, long live vigilante!


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