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4 Things Your Survey Responses Put in Our Brains

The core of Vigilante has always been to appeal to a specific, niche audience of gamers and nerd-dom. To hit this mark, we have been aggressively soliciting feedback from this community in the form of an extensive survey, published about 10 days ago. Our goal for the survey was to gather responses from 150 people.

As of this writing, we have received 262 responses, 168 typed comments/suggestions, 152 people sign up to our mailing list, and 678 Facebook Likes. A full 40% of respondents said they wanted to visit Vigilante weekly, and another 45% said they’d visit monthly. We’ve had an outpouring of support from the gaming community in Austin and believe our concept is resonating strongly with them.

In later blog posts we will be going into detail about how we plan to act on this feedback. But to whet your thirst, here’s what’s on our customer’s minds right now:

Respondents want a custom bar atmosphere with savvy servers:

  1. 88% said a muted overall bar atmosphere with brightly lit table surfaces is important or crucial to them
  2. 81% said it was important that we design clean, non-greasy food items
  3. 71% said that waitstaff that can recommend games were at least important to them
  4. 93% said it was important for us to have custom, larger-than-standard sized tables


Respondents want a simple menu with lots of snackables and shareables

  1. 69% want bar snacks
  2. ~60% want healthy choices, gourmet sandwiches, and pizza
  3. ~55% want charcuterie and American bar food
  4. 45% or less want tacos or Classic pub food


Respondents prefer board games to video games, and are nervous about mixing them

  1. 81% said they would spend more time playing board games than video games
  2. The highest response to video games was 65% in favor of retro video games, which is a lower than or on par with the top three responses we received to board games
  3. We received many comments about video game noise not disrupting board game players


Respondents want innovative ways to meet new people to game with

  1. 68% said they would use an app that matches them with other players looking for a group
  2. We received a large amount of comments requesting a way to alert other nearby players that your table is looking for additional players (we are designing a badass solution to this already, btw.)
  3. Our most requested events were playtesting nights (70%) and game of the week (68%)


Finally, Board Game Bash and our Ideas page have generated dozens of conversations between us and potential customers, leading us to new ideas and a new sense of what people want. We will be publishing in-depth blog posts with our plans in the weeks to come.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and concerns. Shoot as an email at: hello@vigilantebar.com or leave us a comment below!

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2 Responses

  1. jehoo says:

    You scout uber drivers for someone reliable to drive people home who’ve had one too many.

  2. Sara says:

    I would recommend checking out the menu at Ground Control in Portland. It’s a lot of snacky food, some more filling choices, and ample items for vegan and gluten free customers.

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