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International Tabletop Day and Vigilante’s New Favorite Bar Game

This past week, in celebration of Geek and Sundry’s International Tabletop Day, we partnered with Dragon’s Lair to host their Gaming After Dark event. We brought some beer, Dragon’s Lair donated a copy of Cards Against Humanity (thanks for that btw!), and about 40 of our new closest best friends helped us run an experiment. The result is one of the first “gaming for grownups” events we are officially adding to Vigilante’s event schedule:

Bars Against Humanity

A team version of the popular party card game, Cards Against Humanity, in which tables compete against other tables to have their cards selected by the host.

Prior to the day of the game, we will announce the theme of that night’s Bars Against Humanity. Themes may be driven by nerd culture, pop culture, current events, or anything we feel like lampooning that week. In this example, the theme of the night is Harry Potter.

Vigilante will write 20 custom black, question/fill-in-the-blank cards. Brace yourself for some dark, dark humor. Each of these cards will play off that week’s theme. Example black cards:

  • To everyone’s horror, Snape’s Boggart was __________.
  • Sam stroked Frodo’s hand, “I promise Mr. Frodo, soon we’ll taste __________.
  • Of all the things in his office, the thing Dumbledore loved most was __________.
  • Of all the things in the Sauron’s Army, the most feared was ____________.

Participating tables will receive a stack of white cards (nouns), either from Cards Against Humanity packs, custom packs, Vigilante’s own collection of heinous cards or from cards submitted to us by our patrons.

The host for the evening (Let’s be real, Preston will be the host) will read a black card aloud. Each player at each table will pick a card from their hand and share it with their table table. Each team will then have 60 seconds to choose one card from among all proposed cards to offer to the host.

The host collects each team’s card and reads the black card with each proposed white card aloud (hilarity and a sense of existential doom ensues). The host will select their favorite from among the cards, and the winning table will receive the black card as a point to add to their score.

At the end of the night the table with the most black cards wins! Prizes may include: hugs, handshakes, Vigilante gift certificates, weird/creepy/strange trophies, gift certificates to other Austin gaming locations and mad respect.

This event was a hilarious and fascinating way to spend an evening. Many of our participants had never met each other before. Bringing people together over games, beer and good times is what Vigilante is all about. As we get closer and closer to opening we will continue to experiment with event nights. If you have any suggestions, please comment below or drop us a line on our Contact page.

P.S. Anyone who hasn’t read the Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality fanfic REALLY needs to get on that. Preston and Zack highly recommend it.

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  1. Nathan says:

    I had a blast at the event and look forward to playing again at the Vigilante Bar. Be sure to put the word out if you plan on doing any more “play tests” of this concept.

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