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Introducing Vigilante’s New Brunch Menu

For the past eight months of we have hosted a weekly themed brunch featuring five new plates alongside a loud, rowdy Cards Against Humanity event. This was a creative passion project for kitchen team, and lead to some amazing and hilarious meals (eg. Rick and Morty Brunch).

A weekly rotating brunch meant that some patrons were unable to come back for dishes they loved, and some weeks they couldn’t find anything that sounded exciting to them. While we are passionate about surprising and delighting our patrons, the logistical difficulties of orchestrating so many plates, week over week, was compromising our top priority: top-quality food.

Cards Against Humanity meant that patrons who wanted to connect over board games were often ousted by noise. While we had many great laughs over CAH, our goal is to move that event to a weeknight entertainment event, and create a whole new brunch. As such, we are proud to present our standing brunch menu:

Vigilante’s new brunch menu focuses on large portions, delicious food, and includes both filthy hangover cures and healthy choices. For $18.50, you can enjoy three plates, two mimosas and unlimited games, every Sunday from 11AM – 3 PM (or while supplies last!).

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