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Mario Kart League Updates


Mario Kart Fans! After reviewing Mario Kart League with our attendees at last night’s rally, we are streamlining the format to make it more fun and user friendly!

Have a seat at the bar to play Mario Kart on the big screen, enjoy discounted brews from Austin Beerworks, win prizes and earn a chance to carve your name on our epic Championship Belt.

Here’s how it works:

  • $5 Game Night Fee includes racing (minimum 2 Grand Prix) and board games
    • 150 CC Grand Prix, Mario Kart 8 WiiU, cups selected at random
  • Only your first two Grand Prix count toward prizes
    • but you’ll race as much as you want (and we have space for)
  • Each night, your first 1st Place Victory will earn you:
    • One (1) beer on us
    • A star on your punch card toward winning The Belt.
    • A grab from the Austin Beerworks swag bag
    • Earn 4 Stars: Challenge the Championship Belt Holder on any 4th Thursday.
      • Win The Belt: Free Races until you’re dethroned, and sign the inside of the belt.
      • Hold the Belt for 3 Consecutive Months: Free games at Vigilante forever

Need practice? Bar patrons are exempt from our Game Night Fee and Mario Kart is on the big screen every night of the week. Grab a controller and train your way to crushing the competition!

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