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MtG: Public House League

Beginning June 6th and every Tuesday after:

Before the internet. Before Standard cost $400 to be competitive. Before the meta got more stale than last week’s wonderbread. Back when the only cards you knew were the ones your friends had in their collection. Back to when trading was the only way to round out a set. And back when you just never knew what you were going to play against.

When is it?: Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM CST at Vigilante Bar.

What’s the cost: Joining the PHL is $30, and every tuesday you have the option to buy into a 3 booster draft ($15)


How? We’re starting a Public House League. It’s simple:

  • Vigilante maintains booster boxes from a variety of playsets (from Amonkhet to as old as we can find reasonably priced booster boxes) at the bar.
  • When you join the Public House League, you’ll get 6 boosters from the sets of your choice. This is the beginning of your Public House Collection . Joining the PHL is $30, which pays for your boosters and the storage space you’ll be using on site (keep reading).
  • Vigilante safeguards your collection at the bar: no cards come into the bar, and you’ll only play against cards opened at the bar. When a card leaves, it can’t come back.
  • Every Tuesday you have the option to buy into a 3 booster draft ($15) to add to your collection.
  • You’ll build a regular 60 card deck from your Public House Collection.
  • Want a good deck? Trading with your fellow League members will allow you to hone in on the cards you need (while giving you something fun to discuss over a beer)
  • Every Tuesday you can play as many different people as you want. Play as late as you like. When you win, you earn a point. You can’t get more than two points from any one person.
  • The highest point earner of the week gets a Vigilante gift certificate for $20. The highest point earner of the Quarter gets a coveted Mark of the Vigilante.
  • Each month you’ll retire cards down to a collection of 300 cards.


**Don’t want to join the Schoolyard, but still want to play? No worries. We maintain a few starter decks on site. You can always rent one from us and play as a guest!**

Our goal is to create a community of players who want a more casual, less cost-intensive format of Magic to play in (but still want to compete). The Public House League is the perfect format for people who want to hang out, have a beer and play one of the world’s most popular card games.

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