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New Operating Hours & Private Room Rate

Vigilantes! Over the past 18 months, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many companies for team building and celebration events. It has become clear that our primary daytime audience are these private parties, while our primary evening audience is our gaming groups and dinner crowd.

Tl;dr : we are closing for lunch four days a week to better accommodate venue buyouts, staying open a bit later each day and refining our Sunday hours.


Hours Update

To better serve both these parties, we are adjusting our general public opening hours to better serve both of these audiences:

Monday to Thursday: 4pm to 12am
Friday and Saturday: 11am to 2am
Sunday: 11am to 10pm

We will book corporate team building events Monday-Friday during daytimes hours (from noon onward, or early as 11am for large lunches). Being closed during these hours will allow us to fully focus on serving these patrons while also enabling our prep teams to be more fully prepared for evening service.


Weekday Event Rentals

Vigilante now offers group events from 20 – 150 patrons during our weekday lunch hours (Tuesday through Friday from 11AM – 11AM

We’ve been getting rave reviews::
“Our team has a lot of pretty serious gamers, as well as quite a few folks in the more “social” gaming camp. When we go to Vigilante always have some folks digging into something heady, some playing a lighter game, and a few just drinking, noshing, and spectating. Vigilante nails the experience for the whole team – it’s become our go-to happy hour and always gets the biggest attendance!”
– Bryon Jacob, Data.World CEO and Co-founder

To book a room, please email us at teambuilding@vigilantebar.com.

PS. If your office is downtown, we are a short train ride away at Crestview Station!


Private Room Deposits

Finally, as our hours are adjusting, we are also tweaking our private room rental policies. As always, to book a private room you can reach out via rentals@vigilantebar.com. Upon confirming a date, we will now require the room rental to be paid in advance via our webportal (provided in the confirmation email).

Room hours:
Monday – Sunday: 6pm to 12AM
Friday – Sunday: 11 AM to 12AM

Pricing Update:
The Wizard Room (seats max of 12) – $100 (includes Game Night Fee)
The War Room (seats max of 8) – $75 (includes Game Night Fee)


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  1. Lewis says:

    Your location is the perfect mid-way spot for my gaming group to meet up. We are excited about the new late hours, especially for Fridays, since some of us get off work late. Thanks you guys for creating an amazing space to grab a drink and game.


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