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New Year, New Plates!


Many of our patrons enjoy a weekly or monthly game night at Vigilante. To keep this experience fresh and interesting, we are now serving our new 2020 menu that offers more choices to fill out your meal. We are:

  • Adding 22 new food and beverage options to the menu
  • Adding pork shoulder to the menu, and upgrading all chicken thigh options to a juicy, brined chicken breast
  • Splitting our “Snackables” menu into “Shareables” and “Solo Snacks.” “Shareables” are items with multiple discrete pieces (eg. 5 Potstickers), and are seeing an a la carte price decrease. This is to help tables that just want to munch rather than get a full meal.
  • Splitting the “miniburgers” menu into a “Beef & Pork” menu and a “Chicken” menu, both of which are getting hefty choice expansions. 
  • Removing a few items to make space for our new additions! 

Food Menu Updates

New items :

  1. BLT-1000 – (the first item in the above photo!) thick cut bacon, fresh tomato and romaine with our white wine lemon vinaigrette on double toasted brioche
  2. The Poultry-Gest – (second item in the above photo) extra crunchy deep fried chicken breast with our house pickles and sweet garlic aioli. It’s better than the Popeye’s Chicken sandwich. 
  3. The Vulcan Mind Melt – (third item in the above photo), our new pulled pork with BBQ Aioli, American and Swiss American cheeses and caramelized onion. This replaces the Banh Mi Up Scotty, as the cost of pork belly is not sustainable in a mini-burger sized portion.  
  4. Not All Gyros Wear Capes! – a fully realized gyro featuring a baked mediterranean chicken, hearty pita wrap, and house tzatziki sauce. This is replacing Pita My Heart.
  5. Good for what Kales You – a baby kale and romaine salad with dried cranberries, candied walnuts, carrot and purple cabbage with a white wine vinaigrette. Replaces Gad-Zucchs, which were disproportionately difficult to execute during a dinner rush.
  6. Love from Head To-Ma-Toes – a seared chicken breast with cucumber tomato salad, kale and balsamic tomato aioli. Replaces the Clubinator to provide a healthy, lean protein eating option
  7. The Hog-Father – pulled pork with spicy horseradish aioli, basil chiffonade, bacon and swiss cheese.

We are also changing all chicken sliders to carry chicken breast instead of chicken thigh. After extensive experimentation, we’ve found a chicken brining and prep process that creates incredibly moist chicken, with more consistent meat quality. If you’re a fan of our Buffalo the Vampire Slayer or Thai Fighter, prepare to enjoy them even more!

Cocktail Menu Updates

Our cocktail menu was revealed last February, so we’re also giving it our first revamp by adding: six themed old fashioneds, two cocktails, four beer bombers and three new sake bombs! In particular, our new old fashioneds contain custom infusions and syrups to create some incredible new flavors, such as:

  • Hit Girl – peanut butter infused whiskey with passion fruit syrup and cranberry bitters. Tastes like a peanut butter jelly sandwich in a glass.
  • Specific Set of Skills – locally roasted coffee infused into whiskey, topped with fernet branca and luxardo cherry
  • Arya Stark (Seasons 1-4) – Buffalo Trace, Frangelico, house molasses syrup, aromatic bitters and cinnamon

You can see the complete menu below to hunt out the new puns menu items! Come kick off the holiday season with some of our new, amazing plates. And keep an eye out: we have a massive game library expansion coming soon as well!

Happy Holidays,


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  1. P. Kellach Waddle says:

    OMG it all looks awesome but those drink/syrups sound AMAZEBALLS


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