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OPENING DATE CHANGE: Vigilante Marinating for a Few More Weeks


We come bearing news: We will be pushing back the opening of Vigilante to February 17th.

We have been planning for a January 27th opening for over a month. Unfortunately, one of our inspectors recently brought to our attention an oversight in construction. While the system in question passed planning review, it was unexpectedly determined on site that the plans were erroneously approved. This forces us back in the permitting process. We are now:

  • Redrawing certain plans
  • Resubmitting those plans for expedited review
  • Preparing for the (small amount of) construction needed upon plan approval
  • Rescheduling final inspections

While this is a small setback, we’ve simultaneously been making some serious progress.These past few weeks have shown a major transformation at the restaurant and a big expansion of the Vigilante team. We have:

  • Hired over thirty employees
  • Started training and team building (yesterday!)
  • Seen the arrival of equipment, furniture and — best of all — GAMES

What does this mean for…

Sneak-Peek Week
If you are a backer who’s planning on attending the upcoming Sneak-Peek Week, please note that those dates will be pushed back to February 13th, 15th and 16th. We will be sending out new Eventbrite links to backers today.

The Original January 27th Opening Date
We know many of our future patrons have drawn cute little hearts on their wall calendars (or at least set alerts on their Google cals) in anticipation of our opening. Well, worry not, because we still intend to keep you entertained on January 27th.

You can still find us at the restaurant that evening, and while we won’t be able to serve you, you will be able to check out the space and see how far we’ve come. (If you need food and drinks, our neighbor, Blackstar Co-op, has you covered!) We’ll also be handing out Vigilante stickers and vouchers for a free beverage (with purchase of a meal) and game library access for you to redeem when we open.

Oh, and we may have a littlllllle surprise up our sleeve. (Just kidding — capes don’t have sleeves. But you get the idea.) Stay tuned for details!

Our Feelings
The complexities of opening a newly constructed restaurant in Austin mean that occasionally you have to choose between timeliness and quality. We will choose quality every time. And please know that while we’re crossing our t’s and dotting our I’s to guarantee we’re square with the city, we will also be working to perfect our processes and ensure the February 17th opening — and every evening after — is nothing short of epic.

With great antici…


The Vigilante Team

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4 Responses

  1. Sarel says:

    May the force be with you!

  2. Chris says:

    Just stopped by and didn’t see anyone, doors were locked – was there a specific timeframe this evening y’all are/were at the restaurant or did I misread the update?

    • Hi Chris,

      Apologies we missed you! We announced via social, but we will be opening at 7 PM. However, if you are in the area we will be there by 6:30. We are picking up vouchers from the printers right now!


      • Chris says:

        Ouch, had to take off because I have a Pandemic: Legacy game at 7. No worries, soon enough, good luck tonight! How late will y’all be there?


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