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Plans for Friday? Meet us at Board Game Bash!

Today we would like to announce that we will be sponsoring the fifth annual Board Game Bash being held here in Austin, Texas.  For those who have never experienced this event, gamers and nerds from all over central Texas (and even some from beyond!) will gather to discuss new games, hold tournaments and generally nerd out. Look for myself, Zack and about 250 pint glasses with our (epic) logo.

If you have already taken our survey, come to Board Game Bash and say “hi” for a FREE pint glass with our (epic) logo to add to your collection.

Over the next few months, while we are planning and building and preparing, we will be seeking out more potential Vigilantes at meetups, conventions, and other awesomely nerdy places. We have a goal to get 1,000 likes and 500 survey respondents before we open. We are striving to both be bold with our personal vision for Vigilante and to clearly understand what the community dreams of in a nerdy gamer bar. With your help, we will get there.

When we receive our bar glasses on Thursday we will be testing every glass to be sure it works. Zack INSISTS that we take nicer pictures of our favorite beers for our website sample menu, so we will probably be tasting said beers as well. And since we’re in the same room anyway, we might as well play a boardgame. Stay nerdy, my friends.
P.S. We are thrilled by all of the feedback we have received from the community.  We were planning to publish a post on the results of our survey, but every time Zack tries to close the survey we get more responses.  Look for that post on Wednesday.

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