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We Aren’t Opening This Weekend


First, thank you for your to-go orders and kind messages over the past month. We are all struggling, but your support has kept us focused on making the best of a challenging situation.

Today, Governor Abbott announced a phased plan to reopen Texas restaurants beginning this Friday, May 1st. We respectfully disagree with this decision, and will not be re-opening at that time. We feel it is still too early to operate safely.

Vigilante was fortunate enough to secure emergency funding from the SBA. Like many small businesses, we are balancing our duty to take care of our employees right now with ensuring they have jobs in the future. The unfortunate reality of the Governor’s order is we are now unable to maintain our “mass layoff” due to government mandated shutdown. This threatens our employee’s unemployment benefits. As of this Friday, we will be rehiring our team part-time to work either from home or on small projects on site. 

In mid-May, if we agree that the precautions being taken statewide represent a responsible reopening of the economy, we will open at limited capacity. However, the safety of our patrons is our top priority: we believe that an enjoyable evening at Vigilante begins with you feeling safe, and Vigilante has always worked to be a home away from home.

We have been working over the past few weeks to take positive action, and we are glad to share that on top of the state and federal recommended procedures, we are taking the following steps:  

  1. Building out a website accessible new reservation system, enabling us to safely control our capacity by limiting table stays while also allowing you to reserve specific games.
  2. Building new furniture for our “Social Hall,” creating booths for large parties that shield them from fellow patrons and removing most of our “shoulder-to-shoulder” seating.
  3. Updated staff training on teaching and recommending games, reducing the time you spend poring over our menu and learning a game, and maximizing the time you can have fun playing games.

Like many of you, we are anxious for life to return to normal. However, returning to normal should not require us to sacrifice our health and safety. We will have more details on our new projects in the upcoming weeks. Until then, stay positive and roll high.



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2 Responses

  1. Eric Stockton says:

    Just wanted to say kudos for taking on the Covid-19 Gordian knot with social consciousness and integrity (taking care of your team and community). As someone working on this pandemic from the local County/City Emergency Ops Center it is refreshing to see responsible community minded innovation in action. Small business is the backbone of our community and you are showing leadership that should inspire less like-minded corporations and politicians. Looking forward to coming out the other side and rolling some crits on D&D night!

  2. Adam Webber says:

    It’s great to hear that you’ve secured funding for the near future and that you’re taking responsibility for your employees’ well being. I’m purchasing a $50.00 gift card to show my support, and I plan to buy more. Gotta help secure my favorite hangout!


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