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Stretch Goals #2: The Wizard Room

We’re proud and excited that we surpassed our first stretch goal, bringing table electronics to our bar. Now we want to set up a more audacious goal for our final 70 hours of Kickstarter. There are two private rooms at Vigilante, each concealed behind a secret door built into our game wall. Our dream is to make stepping into these rooms feel like you are transitioning into another world. Creating a unique experience would be a compelling offering to audiences looking to elevate their game night.

To accomplish this, we have asked Horse & Blade to complete a concept art of, “The Wizard’s Office.” You would step out of Vigilante’s modern industrial themed dining room and into something a little more audaciously nerdy:

Table may or may not be a font of evil
Table may or may not be a font of evil
Central table
Central table
Map source to be determined
Map source to be determined

The Wizard’s Office would feature a stone finish, decorative columns, built in shelving, and a slew of fun art details for the space (paintings, lion head sculptures, spot rugs, etc). It would also feature a large, custom built table and a dark wood with molten brass inlay to redefine the space. Like the concept art for the bar, a few things have been left to your imagination:

  • Atmospheric lighting from from our custom fixtures
  • Distressed stone work and fine details
  • Secret entryways!

Our fundraising goal for The Wizard’s Office: an additional $20,000 dollars, for a total Kickstarter of $50,000. If we reach this goal, not only will we be building the Wizard’s Office,we will give each backer who is a Secret Society member during the Kickstarter one free private evening or afternoon session room rental.

How will Private Room rentals work?

Here’s our thinking:

  • Our surveys indicate that the average room rental time would be 3 – 5 hours, which means a 6 PM game night would not get out until 9 PM – 11 PM, barely leaving enough time for a late night game
  • We know that game night can run unexpectedly long, so putting a hard stop on room rental times would open us and our patrons to situations where they are rushing to finish games
  • Surveys indicate that room rental groups will have 6-8 people, and that patrons would consider $20-$25/hour a fair rate

Rather than juggling the logistics of rentals by the hour, we’re simplify and maximize value for our patrons. Each day we will offer two room rental time slots: afternoon and evening. Afternoon rentals will go from 11am to 5:00pm. Evening rentals will go from 6:00pm to close. This will save everyone from worrying about rental wrap up times and give patrons plenty of time to game. There will be a flat cost for each room rental, ranging from $60 for weekday afternoons to $80 for weekend evenings. This rate includes unlimited access to our game collection for the room! How can you make this happen? If you love the idea of the Wizard’s Office, please consider increasing your pledge and sharing our Kickstarter online.



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