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The Final Upgrade: Menu Upgrade and Pending Liquor License

This time last year we were saying thank you for your support after we called for help. This year we are saying thank you for building us into a busy, budding restaurant success story.

Since our last major menu update six months ago, we have had ample time to observe how our patrons interact with our menu, as well as how that structure impacts our operations. Today we are making a final push to:

  • Simplify our menu to improve service, giving our team more time to teach games and aid patrons
  • Align our pricing structure with our patron’s existing preferences

We believe this final push to refine and improve our menu, will brings all things into balance… just as they should be.

Why we are changing

We have been transparent and open about our business practices since long before we’ve even been open, so we are prefacing with the observations and data that have informed this level up:

  • The majority of our patrons eschew our “four plate combo” for three plates a la carte
  • Patrons are comfortable choosing three items at once, but often feel overwhelmed and hold off on choosing the fourth
  • Patrons who receive all their plates at once don’t have space for all their food, whereas patrons who receive their plates over too long period of time feel hungry and poorly served (timing is everything!)
  • Our busiest nights still lead to longer waits for food than we would like (seating 100 people in thirty minutes is a challenge that we’re determined to overcome)
  • Parties that collectively order multiple plates up front generate 26% to 40% fewer table visits, giving our team more time to focus on other critical service goals, like teaching games and keeping waters full
  • Multi-plate meals sent to the kitchen all at once allow us to orchestrate the meal more efficiently, meaning that plates come out more quickly

What we are changing

We are closer than ever to achieving the service model that we originally set out to provide. Patrons should enjoy eating all throughout their stay, their interactions with the menu should feel effortless and natural, and they should feel wowed equally by our service, food and gaming.

To that end:

  • For patrons who enjoy flexibility, we are introducing a new standard meal deal: Three Plates for $12. Patrons will need to commit to Three plates up front, but will be able to choose whatever plates they please
  • Patrons who get the 3 Plate Meal Deal may order additional plates for $3 per plate, either up front or as they go.

We are also upping quality across our entire menu:

  • Ingredient Upgrade: Improving the recipes and quality of several core products, including a new beef patty recipe with more umami and juiciness than ever, improved cheeses, and more fresh herbs
  • New Seasoning: Retiring our least chosen seasoning flavors and preparing to take over the world with our all new, phenomenal Vigilante House Seasoning (a blend of salt, pepper and other extra secret ingredients).
  • Healthier Options: Replacing our two lowest selling sliders (the Manwich and the Cubana) with a classic chicken club and a chicken pita sandwich in response to calls for healthier options.
  • DLC Upgrade: We’ve replaced adding avocado with adding a baked parmesan crisp to yoru sliders. This, as well as our candied bacon and fried eggs, are now only 50.
  • Added Flexibility: To help our health-conscious and vegetarian friends, our black bean pattie vegetarian substitute is now available on all of our sliders at no additional cost.
  • More Desserts: Replacing our current line of two desserts with three new jarred desserts, including a smores, panna cotta and tres leches!
  • Countless smaller tweaks: from how we roll salad rolls to how we prepare french fries, to give our menu that last “Wow!” factor.

The Vigilante Gastropub Menu 

Behind the scenes, we’ve also made countless adjustments to Vigilante’s processes and procedures over the past two months, including new training, new small equipment pieces, new chairs at the bar and in the wizard room as well as heavily investing in new technology to organize the kitchen. In the future, your newly improved plates will come out in sequence, each as you finish the previous one, even if the restaurant is bustling!

On the Horizon: Liquor License!

For the past few months we have been working with the TABC to process a permit to serve liquor at Vigilante! We will be releasing more details as we approach our liquor service launch, but finalizing our service processes and menus will enable us to better introduce a new line of cocktails and other beverages.



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3 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    The black bean patty is a good option, but as a vegetarian, it needs some improvement, and I’d love to have more variety than just “we can use this patty on any slider” (especially bc a lot of the slides are designed for omnivores). I miss the tofu! Looking forward to the other changes.

  2. Ela says:

    Liquor license! One step closer to the long awaited D20 shots… right? They’re literally the best thing ever, so I really hope so <3
    (Reminder – it's this: https://lockerdome.com/6184694488240193/6184695796862996)

  3. Jesse says:

    FYI, replacing avocado with parmesan is a pretty big downgrade for vegans. They no longer have any simple, filling options, and the menu seems hostile to veggies (“no substitutions”).


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