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The Great Nerd Debate

Vigilante Gaming Bar is proud to introduce: The Great Nerd Debate.

Prove your mettle as Vigilante pits you and your friends against other teams of fellow nerds: face off as you varaciously defend your viewpoint on critical aspects of fandom, like:
  • Who would win in a duel, McGonagall or Snape?
  • Who was the worse father, Darth Vader or Han Solo?
  • In Captain America: Civil War, who was actually right: Captain America, or Iron Man?
  • Is the Kobayashi Maru a sound educational tool?
How does the competition work? Simple:
  • Vigilante hosts a themed Debate Night (eg. Harry Potter night, or Star Wars, etc.)
  • Up to six teams of four sign up the night of the event
  • We pull two teams out of a hat at a time
  • We separate them into our enclaves
  • Each team gets posited the same question
  • We flip a coin to determine who must defend which side
  • Each team has five minutes to prepare argumentation
  • Each team then gets two minutes to present their argumentation
  • The audience votes on whose argumentation they appreciate the most.
The competition is a single elimination bracketed tournament.
The winning team receives a Vigilante Gift Certificate AND a Mark of the Vigilante.
When can you play?  We are slotting this as a regular Tuesday event, so bring your friends and come out!
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2 Responses

  1. City_holler says:

    Is this happening? I was there last night but didn’t see anything.

    • Hiya! Sorry about the confusion, we have pushed back our Great Nerd Debate event to March 28th! We will make a social post the week of to give people a heads up!



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