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The New Vigilante Social Hall, Game Rental Policy, and Oktoberfest Brunch!!

We have rebooted our floor plan to create the “Vigilante Social Hall!” To celebrate, this Sunday we are throwing an Oktoberfest Brunch: join us from 11am to 3 pm this Sunday for some German style fare in our new Beer Garden seating!

Why the change?

Vigilante is divided into two halves: The Gaming Hall (filled with our epic, custom, handmade gaming tables), and the Social Hall (filled with booth seating). Prior to opening we primarily focused on our Epic Gaming Tables, and those tables now deliver a unique experience to patrons who need space for a full sized board game.

The Social Hall was, in comparison, a little formless. We didn’t have a strong vision for our more casual gamers. Since opening we’ve learned that:

  • We did not anticipate how many of our patrons would arrive in parties of 7 or more
  • 84% our game rentals are fast, casual social games in our social hall (Cards Against Humanity, Red Flags, Exploding Kittens). People who play more complex games (Terraforming Mars, Betrayal at the House on The Hill) normally bring those games with them and play them at our custom tables
  • many people come to Vigilante hoping to meet fellow gamers, but the epic tables and individual dining tables do not feel very approachable.
  • Epic Gaming Tables are 42” across, which is plenty of space for a full sized board game; people who prefer the Social Hall do so because the tables are more narrow, so it’s easier to converse with others

In summary: Vigilante was lacking a place to mingle with your fellow gamers and play fast casual games with as many folks as you like. To that end, we went back to the woodshop and built twelve massive benches!

We then rearranged The Social Hall to mimic the style of beer gardens and communal seating areas.

Finally: we now pre set the table with social games for you to grab and play (or, as always, you can order one off our full menu).

Game Rental Policy Update

Please note, the information below is outdated, and included here for archival purposes.  For more info on our game rental policy, please click here.

The majority of our patrons stay for less than three hours. At most bars and restaurants, people depart when they are done eating and drinking. However, Vigilante suffers from long wait lists on weekends, in large part because of parties that linger for beyond three hours. We also now know that patron spending past the three hour mark drops dramatically. So here’s the new plan:

  • Games and Epic Tables are free before 7pm every day of the week.
  • Game Library Access is now $3 per person for unlimited games all night.
  • Epic Gaming Tables now have a table fee of $10. Bringing your own games and using the epic tables will now cost a small fee. However, your table fee includes unlimited free games!
  • On Friday and Saturday nights only, staying beyond 3 hours will be a $3/person Late Night Fee.
  • If the Secret Society existed, it would still cost $15/month. Members would never pay Table Fees, Game Library Access cost, or Late Night fees for themselves and up to 3 other people.

As a business that relies heavily on weekends for income, we need our community to support us in making sure everyone who wants to patron Vigilante has the opportunity to do so.

This huge new seating arrangement has created a more casual, laid back atmosphere to meet your fellow gamers. Every day we are working hard to improve Vigilante and hone in on the ideal gaming experience.



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2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Have you ever considered writing a book on how to run a board game cafe? I’d like to own one some day and I’d buy a book that outlines some of the pros and cons/decisions and considerations of starting one up. I think you could put together a nice, short, how-to that would sell well.

  2. Hannah Garbacz says:

    You make me long to be back in Austin! Will be visiting next time I’m in town!


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