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Vigilante Dungeons and Dragons

Vigilante is running a massive, collaborative multi-table 5e Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Open to players of all levels of experience (pun intended), our volunteer community Dungeon Masters coordinate many adventuring parties working together to tell a single epic story.

Please note, this RSVP is required. Please see below for sign-up.


Vigilante has two nights a week dedicated to our ongoing D&D sessions:

Each Chapter lasts ~16 weeks: our current chapter began in mid January 2020. New players are typically introduced between Chapters. Tables meet every MONDAY & WEDNESDAY from 7PM – 10PM. For more precise dates, check out our calendar of events.

New Player Info & Sign Up:

Vigilante’s massive game encourages interactions between tables, pushing characters into forming alliances and partnerships with other tables to shape the campaign world. Begin play at first level, or within a few levels of their party if they join a veteran group, and then grow in power by bringing peace to the realm! Play costs $5/night (Vigilante’s normal Game Night Fee), and participants are welcome to enjoy or gastropub menu and beverage selection while they play.

Note: spots for players are limited, and you may be placed on a waitlist before a seat becomes available!

To get a spot on our waitlist, sign up here.

Dungeon Masters Info & Sign Up

Volunteer Dungeon Masters are the heart and soul of the campaign. Our DMs have the unique opportunity to work closely with other Dungeon Masters, learning new techniques (and stealing puzzles and maps) from their counterparts. Not only do Dungeon Masters play free, but Vigilante provides a free meal and beverage while they play.

Looking to adventure in our created world? Or do you want to flex your Dungeon Mastering skills? We have a quick sign up process to match you with a table: sign up here.

More Info:

Our players have created several channels to share lore, memes, etc. Check out any of the channels below to learn more:

Facebook Group:

Want to learn even more info about our world? Most of the lore and general game information can be found in our facebook group:


Coming soon!

Discord Channel:

For players currently in the campaign: join the volunteer-run Discord channel to connect to other campaign members.

Join our Discord Channel, click here.