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Vigilante Gaming Gastropub??

Warning: Massive Menu Changes and Food Porn Imminent.

Since opening, we have overhauled many of our processes based on your feedback. Today, Vigilante strikes again: I am thrilled to announce the new Vigilante Gastropub Menu. Armed with months of online reviews, purchasing data and in person conversations, our kitchen has designed a menu around your desires. With phenomenal new pizzas, sliders, french fries and desserts (all made from scratch), we’re proud to invite you to reexperience us as a dinner and lunch destination.

The flagship of this menu: four courses of hearty small plates for $13. You’ll leave your game night full and excited to explore more plates the next you visit! Here are the deets, in our typical full transparency:

FRENCH FRIES – Can’t beat french fries. Choose a spice: House, BBQ spice, Chile Lime, Spice Bomb Choose a sauce: Aioli, BBQ, Ketchup

French Fries for Everyone

Potato wedges were our most commonly ordered item. Unfortunately: our repeat customers rarely ordered them (indicating they aren’t a favorite). Combined with online calls for classic french fries (including a certain article from the Chronicle), we’re officially making the switch to fries.

Hand cut and double fried, our french fries come paired with either house, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, or Spice Bomb seasoning and your choice of sauce: Aioli, BBQ, or Ketchup.

PEPPERONI PIZZA – Pepperoni slices and melted mozzarella cheese tops our house pizza dough

Grilled Pizza

Our pre-opening surveys indicated that pizza was a tertiary preference among our patrons. Post-opening we’ve heard renewed calls for a gaming-friendly pizza, especially from neighboring residents. We experimented with it at some of our weekly brunches, and have settled on a recipe we love.

Our personal sized pizzas feature hand tossed, grilled crusts with homemade marinara and your choice of either cheese, pepperoni or hawaiian toppings.

BBQ PULLED PORK SLIDER Sweet, savory and smokey. Topped with a Carolina slaw.

TOFU SLIDER Fried tofu layered on cucumbers, pickled carrots and sweet chili sauce.

FRIED BUFFALO CHICKEN SLIDER House battered crispy chicken thigh tossed in sriracha buffalo sauce with a layer of blue cheese aioli.

Doubling Down on Sliders

The American, Vietnamese Caramelized Chicken, and Pho Sliders are the cornerstone of our menu. Each of these items has received a 50% increase in portion size of protein and a slight refining in ingredients. Most significantly: we have now perfected our homemade slider bun recipe (many thanks to our very talented pastry chef, Emily!).

Furthermore, we’re confident you’ll find all new favorites on our slider menu: Buffalo Fried Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Lemongrass Tofu, Shrimp Cake and Mojo Pork sliders have all joined the lineup. Combined with our Slider of the Month, you’ll enjoy as a dinner destination more than ever.

Our Milkshakes Will Rock You

Pre-opening surveys indicated milkshakes would be your favorite dessert. Post-opening has shown that assumption to be an understatement. We’ve been playing with various milkshake flavors, and are now committed to purchasing new service equipment (to increase prep speed and consistency), and are rolling out some DELICIOUS choices.

GOAT CHEESE CHEESECAKE – Delectable creamy goat cheese and oat crust.

New Desserts

We’re thrilled to introduce two new desserts for you to feast on: our goat cheese cheesecake is absolutely delectable. Our second new choice: an adorable game of tic-tac-toe played with homemade meringues of various flavors.

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