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Vigilante Opening Schedule & You!

It’s finally happening! Vigilante bar is going to be opening in about three weeks!  We want to give a huge congratulations to you, our backers for helping us realize this dream.

Please note, the events below are sold out to the backers and supporters who made this possible.  Public opening will be JANUARY 27th!

SWAG Pickup Weekend

For Kickstarter and Nextseed backers, we will be holding SWAG weekend on January 14th and 15th from 10 AM to 5 PM Daily.  Stop by to pick up your swag and get a sneak peek of the space before we officially open (and possibly before the ceiling is installed!)

NOTE:  Press or a member of the fourth estate?  Contact zack(at)vigilantebar.com to discuss setting up a pre-opening tour on SWAG weekend.

Sneak Peek Week

If you received a ticket to Sneak Peek Week via Kickstarter or Nextseed, invites have gone out via email.  If you are having trouble, please email us directly at hello(at)Vigilantebar.com . As these events are sold out, dates will be assigned as first come, first serve.  Absolutely unable to make any of these dates?  Email us at hello(at)vigilantebar.com and we will work something out.

Monday, January 23rd – Sneak Peek Week, Day 1

Wednesday, January 25th – Sneak Peek Week, Day 2

Thursday, January 26th – Sneak Peek Week, Day 3

Opening Day!

We will be officially opening our doors on January 27th, at 4pm, with small surprises throughout the evening. Are you at PAX South that weekend?  GOOD! We needed to spread out the opening wave, so we will be STILL OPEN THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND.  

We plan to do that for quite some time.

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