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Vigilante Opening Weekend and You


This past week we have: served over three hundred Nextseed and Kickstarter backers, created and served King of the North Cake to nearly one hundred Red Wedding Valentine’s Day attendees, and demonstrated to each of them that we have successfully executed the Vigliante vision.

Through their feedback we have honed our ability to take care of our patrons. We are excited to open our doors tonight to the public. This has been a long time in the making, from college conversations about our future bar, to finding compatriots who believed in the concept enough to make it a reality. With your support and feedback we have built a place of which we are enormously proud.

We are ready.

To better prepare you for our opening weekend:

We will hold our first regularly scheduled event on Monday, February 27th. This will give our staff and patrons an entire week to get to know one another, and explore the space before we settle down into our recurring event schedule.

Private Room Reservations:
Friday night our secret rooms will be open for you to tour. We will open up reservations to private rooms on Monday, February 27th. For more information on our private rooms, visit our website. We are also planning to offer an option for your weekly game night, to remove all the planning from your shoulders.

Opening Weekend
We are thrilled to show Vigilante to our long-time fans and patrons. We will be around all this opening weekend, so stop by and grab a beer! We look forward to feeding you, serving you drinks, and gaming with you.

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  1. Doug Dear says:

    Good Luck Gang! Love the concept, look, menu.

    From the deep cold of Edmonton AB Canada!


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