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Vigilante Street Food Menu

*Pictured: Strawberry Salad Roll*

Every Hero with a Thousand Faces eventually stops by the tavern to rest, recharge, and have 2-3 pages of food described.  At Vigilante, we know food is an integral part of your party’s journey. We’ve reviewed dozens of survey responses and spoken to hundreds of patrons about what they want out of a board game bar food menu To that, we have created a robust selection of both unique and classic item, hitting all those particular high notes you have come to love (breakfast ngiri, anyone?) from an Austin restaurant.

We’re proud to introduce Chef Derrick’s Americana Street Food Menu. As we are Vigilante, gaming tinkerers extraordinaire, we have created our menu with an eye to your board game experience.  Playing games and eating food at the same time can be a messy experience. Our street food concept has developed into categories like skewers, sliders, and spring rolls. All of which can be eaten, safe in the knowledge that a spill doesn’t end with a ruined Arkham Horror run (which probably would have been lost anyways. Nyarlabitchtep is pretty much unbeatable.)

Click (website view, pdf view) to see the full menu.  

Revel in our pho slider, which sets Vietnamese flavor in a fun form factor, chicken n waffles becomes extremely easy to eat on a stick, and eating a salad without a fork has never been so satisfying and tasty! Have any thoughts?  Leave them in the comments below, and Chef Derrick will be happy to answer them.


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