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We <3 Dragon’s Lair -- 10 Things to Know About Our Game Collection


We are really proud and excited to announce our partnership with one of the most beloved and respected nerd-core retailers in Austin: Dragon’s Lair.

Most other board game + food/drink concepts also double as retailers. This brings a greater variety to these establishments, but cuts into floor space for seating, kitchen, and bar. In order for us to focus on bringing you a quality, audacious bar experience we realized selling games is not in our business model. Our strengths are in our food and drink selection, quality nerd staff, atmosphere and the quality of our events. A key part of our atmosphere will be a huge, board game library for our customers to enjoy. Just to whet the appetite, here are ten things to know about our game collection:

  1. Our initial library will feature over 100 titles,and we are actively adding titles to that list
  2. We’ll have a broad range of games, from classics (Chess & Monopoly) to the latest modern sensations (If it’s won Spiel des Jahres, we have it)
  3. Our contemporary titles will come from a combination of current bestsellers, top rated games and forthcoming titles
  4. Every month we will add to our collection based on patron feedback and by
  5. We will actively kickstart games (who are we kidding, we will just continue to kickstart games), further expanding our collection
  6. We will carry duplicates of popular titles to reduce wait times on popular games
  7. We are committed to carrying premium and rare editions of games to provide you with a further unique gaming experience
  8. We will be packaging our collection in custom wooden Vigilante boxes
  9. All of our game boxes will be pre-organized in custom containers for easy setup and cleanup
  10. Flip is the best games master. Ever.

We will keep a full game menu at our tables for customers to choose from, complete with game information, online ratings, staff reviews, and food & beverage pairings. This menu will be browsable via our website on your own device, and we will also be provide each table with a tablet to browse as well.

Rentals will cost $5 per person, which will give you unlimited access to all games in our collection until we close (but there will be ways to avoid that fee if you are a regular customer, stay tuned). As always, you are welcome to bring your own games at no additional charge.

We have turned to the experts at Dragon’s Lair, who have agreed to help us curate and maintain our game collection. Dragon’s Lair will help us stock our initial collection and select future collection purchases. They will also lend their gaming expertise at select Vigilante events, which will greatly expand our ability to provide top quality entertainment to our patrons.

If you play a game at Vigilante that you enjoy, we can special order it from Dragon’s Lair at no additional charge. You will be able to pick it up at either Dragon’s Lair or Vigilante (potentially that same day depending on the time of your request and availability of inventory). This will give our customers access to an extensive board game catalogue without burdening our staff with the technicalities of being a retailer.

Real talk: the Vigilante team has been buying from Dragon’s Lair and going to their events for years (do y’all remember their old location on Burnet?!). Teaming up feels a bit like high-fiving one of your heroes. During our first meeting with Dragon’s Lair, they mentioned something that struck us right in the feels: the more [the nerdy places in Austin] encourage each other to grow, the better we all will do.”

Thanks Dragon’s Lair. We look forward to drinking growing with you.

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5 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    The more I hear about this the more excited I get. Y’all seem to have your business model figured out, and I definitely plan on spending a lot of time there.

  2. Darius says:

    I’m new to Austin so I’ll come check you guys out. If you need GMs to boost interest, I’d love to offer my skills honed over the last 25+ years on many games.

  3. John says:

    I’ll gladly stop by to run sessions of Aes: Brass Revolution now and then! Sounds like a good RPG hub.

  4. Dawnnisa says:

    So for those of us just planning on moving in… you’ve set up the bunk beds in the back, right?

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