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Your 4 Most Voted for Ideas and How We’re Implementing Them

Vigilantes! Several months ago we launched a page where our customers could propose and vote on ideas for their/our bar. After a great deal of healthy discussion, we are now closing the idea page so we can tabulate results and prepare to launch a new, fresh page that reflects our latest vision.

That being said, we wanted to celebrate many of the ideas that we received from y’all! Here’s an overview:

  • We received over 60 unique ideas
  • We received over 400 votes on said ideas
  • These ideas have shaped our future menu, events, and even construction plans!

Here’s some info on the most voted for ideas:

  1. Private Rooms – Proposed by Brian D. – 52 Votes

“I’ve been to a few bars that have party rooms. Take that idea and scale it back a bit so each room would hold maybe 6-10 people for a more secluded gaming session would be cool. They would be great whether it’s for your weekly RPG night and you want to enjoy the food and drink but not have to shout to be overheard during an exciting smash bro tournament or you simply want to have a place that’s a bit more private so you dont need to worry about your stuff… And obviously for Party time!”

We love this idea! After the fact, we designed an entire survey to gauge how the rest of the community felt about them. So far, private rooms have generated a great deal of buzz. After talking to our architect and general contractor, we have decided to move forward with implementing them! We will have 2-3 private rooms that each seat 6-8 (potentially 10) people.

  1. Cupholders – Proposed by Jason H. – 45 Votes

“Console/TV and Tabletop stations should put some thought into cupholders to reduce spill and condensation issues.”

While we have since heard from our users that 92% of them prefer a board game bar over a video game bar, we believe Jason’s point about cupholders still holds water (sorry). In fact, we are applying the concept to food as well. We hinted at serving food in mason jars in a prior post. Check out how much sexy, sexy designer thought Flip put into our cupholders:

What you’re looking at is a top-down view of a corner fly out. The two Vigilante masks in circles will be cut out and used for something else. In their place we will drop in two metal cup holders (one for a bar glass, the other for a mason jar). The darker brown piece is tray sized for a small plate. We’ll put your entree on the tray, your drink in the bar glass, and your side/appetizer/dessert in the bar jar.


Lovingly constructed by our Master of Games

There will be one of these fancy units installed beneath each corner of our tables giving each person access to a tray and two cupholders! They can also be rolled beneath the table, so that multiple tables can be slid together to seat more than four people.

Here’s another overhead photo, but with the locking mechanism installed on top of panel (rather than beneath it) so you can view it, and the table beneath the panel (rather than above it). Not pictured: the metal reinforcement bar that gives this thing strength.



  1. A Projector Screen – Proposed by Flip – 37 Votes

“Add a Projection Screen for playing mario kart, screening movies, general ambiance”

Proposed by one of our own, appealing to our inner desire to play Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Goldeneye, and watch awesome nerdy movies and show while people bring us beer. We were pleasantly surprised to find so many people in agreement. Currently, we have set aside a large amount of wall space in our current bar design to make room for a projector over our social area. This will give us some fun event options while shielding our primary gaming room from noise!

  1. 1×1 Grid Tables with Plexi/Glass for Dry Erase Markers – Proposed by Stina R. – 34 Votes

“(D&D style) good for keeping points or drawing out maps while gaming. It could also just be a table topper that can be removed and cleaned or just part of the table. Some table games have mats and stuff too so it would be nice to have the plexi to protect any mats people use for their CCG’s or anything that uses minis and maps.”

Stina, we don’t know what our souls are made of, but clearly yours and ours are the same. (Editors note: Sadly, Preston’s only superpower is cheesy pickup line). We will definitely be keeping a collection of solid, high quality play surfaces on site for our player’s use! From dice to minis, we will have it all.

Other ideas that were heavily voted on that we are implementing: a full kitchen and menu (#5), game design nights, another potential TV behind the bar for video games, supplies to make notes during games, a whole bevy of beers, ciders, and wines, as well as some strong hints for our board game collection.

We are enormously happy and grateful for the huge amount of participation in our Ideas page. The Vigilante Team is proud to be building a bar tailored to our community, that can create unique experiences for gamers and nerds. Our next dev log update: information on our Game Collection!


Editors Note: We are leaving open the idea schema for a few more days in case anyone has any last minute brain blasts!

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