USA and USSR face off in this intense cold war sim. Gain control by manipulating history.

Build your unicorn army while kidnapping you friends' cuddly buddies.

Send your villagers to work, travel, pray, and... die when it is most lucrative.

Disney Villains hustle to complete their uniquely dastardly plots.

Use workers to transform your meager plot of land and be the first to reach your dream of having the most successful winery in rustic Tuscany!

Recruit, bolster and maneuver your way to controlling the hex-grid battlefield.

Two teams attempt to read each other's minds.

Predict the most popular endings to Google search phrases.

Use "yes" and "no" questions to figure out the secret word before time runs out!

Select the best caption for photos from the internet.

Discover and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife preserves. Gain more points than your fellow bird enthusiasts!

Everyone attempts to answer a trivia question… Then everyone bets on whose answer they think is right.