Epic Gaming Tables  

Our hand-built tables maximize gaming space for 2-4 players. Save your spot with a free reservation; table space is $5 per person and comes with unlimited games from our library.

Reserve an Epic Table


Each seat has a button to conjure our service team. Enjoy your game until you need a refill!


Each seat has two brass cup holders. Use them for booze, water or game pieces!


Keep your game organized with card holders, meeple trays and fly-out food trays.

   Social Seating  

Our oversized booths and biergarten style seating can comfortably host 5 to 12 players, with plenty of space for anything from party games to tabletop RPGs.

Reserve a Social Table

Each Social hall booth comes with a magic lantern & key. Turn on your lantern to call for service, otherwise we give you space to play.

Our high-backed booths offer the perfect blend of listening to the crowd and enjoying some privacy for your game. 

Your reservation comes with our laser-cut battle grids, 5e book library, exclusive miniatures and all the dice you could need.

Our Game Library

Discover the perfect game online and your reservation comes with the right sized table. You may also bring your own games: either way, our reservation game night fee still applies.

Reserve a Game Night


Quality > Quantity! Our library only contains games we feel you'll enjoy.

Game Experts

Our team of gamers will help you find the perfect title, and then learn it!

Play on!

After your first game, enjoy as many as you can play during your reservation.