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Mario Kart League!

Every Sunday race in two 150 CC Grand Prix against another team. This is Mario Kart! Top point earners over the season will take home prestige, and the top winner will receive our coveted Mario Kart League belt.

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Gift Cards Now Available Online/ In-Store

Vigilante offers gift cards for both your greatest friends, and your works holiday party.  Patrons can either order a gift card online that will be shipped direct to door, or simply ask your server next time you are in Vigilante!

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Revel in our updated parking!

PARKING VICTORY. A few months ago we teamed up with Blackstar Coop, Fat Cats, and other Midtown businesses to bring parking to the attention of our property managers. Then, with YOUR help, we demonstrated how large of an impact parking was having on your visits. The whole retail garage is being opened!! This will immediately add nearly 60 parking spots. Towing is only being enforced for retail guests, except for in resident reserved spots. Otherwise: feel free to pull through the now open mid level gate and park on the roof!

Ask your server about Vegan and Vegetarian Options!

Did you know Vigilante has a range of Vegetarian and Vegan food options? Ask your server for more info!

Vigilante Gaming Gastropub

We are proud to announce Vigilante’s Gastropub menu. Featuring four courses of hearty small plates for $13, we are confident you’ll rediscover us as both a dinner and lunch destination.

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Journey to the Wizard's Office

Looking for a long night for a journey into Middle Earth? Or a suitable location for your epic birthday battle? Look no further than the Wizard's Office. Available for Lunch and evening rentals.

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Why a Gaming Bar?

I wanted to be Batman when I grew up until I saw an old Tom Cruise movie called Cocktail. Then I wanted to be the guy who gave Batman a drink...

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Vigilante Secret Society Does NOT Exist

In light of recent events and swirling rumors, we find it necessary to tell you something important: Vigilante DOES NOT have a Secret Society membership program. And if it did, we definitely wouldn’t dedicate an entire blog to it, would we?

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Upcoming Events

Dungeons and Dragons

Vigilante is conducting a massive, collaborative multi-table 5e Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Open to players of all levels of experience (pun intended), ...

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Drag Queen Bingo

Join Jodie Fosterchild and Vigilante as we lead our patrons through five rounds of hair-raising bingo! Winners will receive a hodgepodge collection of ...

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Mario Kart League

Vigilante will be hosting a weekly MARIO KART LEAGUE! Grab three of your closest (and most devious) friends to shell, bullet bill and speed boost their way ...

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Parking Update

Alert: The whole retail garage is now opened!! Towing is not being enforced for retail guests, except for in resident reserved spots. Otherwise: feel free to pull though the now open mid level gate and park on the roof!

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Want to host your villainous meetings in our Wizarding Room? Or a board meeting behind a secret bookcase?

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There is No Secret Society

Stop asking.

We seriously don't know.

Don't click me. Rude!

Want the latest news? Musings? PLOTTINGS?

Mario Kart League Updates

  Mario Kart Fans! After reviewing Mario Kart League with our attendees at last night’s rally, we are streamlining the format to make it more fun and user friendly! All competitors will now be solo, instead of team based. Each week you’ll race in two grand prix, earning points for coming in 1st, 2nd or […]

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If the society DID exist, this is how we’d fix it.

Vigilantes! Three weeks ago Gondor we lit the signal and called for aid. Since then, our sales have nearly doubled: thank you for putting us back on track. Our new Fall menu, parking arrangement, communal hall seating, and sake cocktail menu have set us up to impress patrons. In our continued quest to improve our services […]

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Help Save Vigilante

Thank you: the last 8 months have been the journey of a lifetime. Unfortunately, it has become clear that Vigilante will close its doors if its current level of patronage continues. While the danger is not imminent, without a course correction it is inevitable. With the help of your feedback, we have been driven to […]

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