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Good news everyone! Online ordering is now available. Take home our food AND board games! Click the link below to rent one of the many options in our board game library.

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Brunch & Board Games!

Enjoy three classic plates from our new menu for only $10.50. Your breakfast comes with FREE access to our board game library. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday, 11am to 2pm. Coming soon: full menu reveal, brunch cocktails teasers and photos of our seasonal brunch plate!

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New Year, New Plates

We’re steaming into the New Year with a massive menu expansion! As of TODAY, there are now 4,060 different potential Three Course Combos, as we’ve added 22 new items to our 2020 menu: six sandwiches, a kale salad, six themed old fashioneds, two cocktails, four beer bombers and three sake bombs!

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Why a Gaming Bar?

I wanted to be Batman when I grew up until I saw an old Tom Cruise movie called Cocktail. Then I wanted to be the guy who gave Batman a drink...

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Online to-go ordering and enhanced take-out options are NOW AVAILABLE.

Click below to take home our food AND a board game.

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Want to host your villainous meetings in our Wizarding Room? Or a board meeting behind a secret bookcase?

We have the perfect mix of social games and sumptuous snackables to make your meeting memorable.

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Want the latest news? Musings? PLOTTINGS?

We Aren’t Opening This Weekend

Vigilantes, First, thank you for your to-go orders and kind messages over the past month. We are all struggling, but your support has kept us focused on making the best of a challenging situation. Today, Governor Abbott announced a phased plan to reopen Texas restaurants beginning this Friday, May 1st. We respectfully disagree with this […]

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To-Go Food and Board Games Rentals Now Available!

tl dr; We’re temporarily closing our dining room New online to-go ordering here — Rent our board games! Vigilantes! In solidarity with our community and as ordered by the City of Austin, Vigilante is closing our dining room until May 1st. While not serving patrons is difficult, we are proud to be part of a […]

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Nat 2020! Roll a Crit into the New Year.

Nat 2020! Roll a Crit into the New Year. Vigilante invites you to round up your gaming group, grab a handful of dice and adventure your way into the upcoming decade. Reserve a table ahead of time and each of your attendees will receive a complimentary champagne for our midnight toast. We’ll be serving our […]

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