How Vigilante works!

  • Making reservations is free for parties of 8 or fewer that book for 2.5 hours or less! While not required, but are highly recommended on weekends
  • We charge a $7 per person “Game Night Fee,” added to your bill at the end of the night
  • Patrons who purchase an entree will have their Game Night Fee reduced to $6
  • Large parties are asked to pre-pay this Game Night Fee to reserve a table. Booking multiple small tables to accomodate a large party will not be honored
  • This fee includes access to our library, as well as table space for the long stays needed to play games in a restaurant
  • You’re welcome to bring your own games, but the Game Night Fee still applies
  • The table is yours for the duration of your reservation, or up to 2 hours for walk-ins
  • If no gaming group has a reservation after yours, we extend bookings at no additional cost (which frequently happens on weekdays)
  • Extended reservations (for 3 hours+) are available for an additional fee
  • Patrons that don’t play any games and just dine and/or drink aren’t charged
  • Our entire staff is trained to teach board games, but we can’t guarantee that we can teach every game in the library.

Please note: we are not designed with young children in mind and can’t provide booster seats or space to store large strollers. Minors are permitted when accompanying groups of adults; we are not an appropriate setting for child or teen parties. Outside food and beverage are not allowed. Please email any questions to hello(at)

Reservation FAQs

Is Vigilante Kid Friendly?
Vigilante is a cocktail bar environment: we are not designed with kids in mind. We don't have high chairs or space to store large strollers. All minors must be accompanied by an adult. We are 21+ after 9pm.
Can we make a reservation for more than 2.5 hours?
To ensure everyone gets to game, we limit table stays to 2.5 hours. If no party needs the table after your reservation we are happy to extend your stay at no cost. This happens frequently on weekdays. If you'd like to be certain you can have a longer stay than 2.5 hours, make an extended reservation.
Do you allow outside food and beverage?
We do not allow any outside food and beverages, except for cakes/desserts for celebrating major life events. If you do bring such an item, please note that you are welcome to provide your own cutlery and plates as well or we will happily provide those items for a $10 outside dessert fee. In accordance with health code, we may not store outside food items.
How do I make a reservation for more than 8 people?
We have space for large parties and have hosted many. Please fill out the form on the reservations page. If the form does not work for you, please email us at hello(at)