Weight: how complex the rules and gameplay are.
Mechanics: specific game features that you enjoy.

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Each player works individually to earn victory!

Draft cards to build up your ancient civilization and fend off neighbors' attacks

Advance civilization over three ages by choosing between military or science development.

Build your farm from a shack into a profitable enterprise with only two actions a turn.

Fling pesky space vermin into the stars for cash and then send ruffians after your opponents.

You’re an artist embellishing the palace walls with artful tiles. Draft tiles to complete beautiful patterns and sets.

Race to turn your pile of letters into a high scoring crossword before your opponents do!

This spaghetti–western shootout includes secret identities, hidden objectives and lots of surprises.

Your flock of adorable sheep aggressively compete for pasture

Explore the city, discover its mystery, and face the traitor amongst yourselves....

Command your own armada on the Caribbean and outwit pirates, merchants and Navy captains for the glory and fortune of the high seas!

Lure in and slay adventurers as they attempt to slay the boss at the end of your custom dungeon.

The heist is finished. Now hold your fellow mobsters at gunpoint and take the loot! The last crook standing wins.