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 7010 Easy Wind Drive, Ste 150      512-538-1516      Hours: Mon-Thurs: 4pm to 12am --- Fri. and Sat: 11am to 2am (ish) --- Sun: 11am to 10pm

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Private Room – The War Room

The War room is a secret private room with capacity for up to 8 patrons. Step into the War Room and take command to defend your homeland, or prove your worth as a conqueror. Featuring military artifacts, maps from famous mythical worlds, and a cozy bunker vibe, you and your friends can conquer the world (or maybe your friends) while always within reach of our scratch kitchen and bar.

  • Hidden entryway
  • Speaker system to audio mix your perfect campaign
  • Includes full access to our massive game library
  • Call for service light
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Cost and Logistics

The secret rooms are booked in full time blocks:

  • Monday – Thursday
    • 5 PM to 11:30 PM
  • Friday & Saturday
    • 11 AM to 5:30 PM
    • 6 PM to 12 PM
  • Sunday
    • 11 AM to 4 PM
    • 5 PM to 10 PM


  • Booking fee is $75 for each full time block
  • Your parties arrival time is flexible, but must be within this timeframe.
  • Seating capacity is 8 patrons. (If we could fit more, we WOULD) 
  • Game Fee is included in cost. 
  • Patrons may feel free to bring a dessert to celebrate a life event, however Vigilante cannot store, provide cutlery or plateware.
  • We have computer speaker systems to audio mix your event.  The connection is standard 35mm headphone jack.
  • Most patrons book rooms 2-3 weeks in advance
  • Please allow booking team ~48 hours to respond.