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Vigilante & NextSeed: Futuristic Fundraising for Your Future Gaming Bar

Vigilantes! We are excited to announce our partnership with NextSeed, an investment crowdfunding platform. With NextSeed’s guidance, we are launching one of the first ever Title III crowdfunding offerings, which is a nationwide opportunity for small investors.

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Vigilante Street Food

We are proud to introduce Vigilante Street Food. Street foods are designed to be eaten in hand, offer a wide variety of culinary options, and come in portion sizes that will allow our patrons to mix and match to build their own entree or graze throughout their gaming evening.

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The Summer Update

We have had a busy Summer. Want to find out more?


We <3 Dragon’s Lair -- 10 Things to Know About Our Game Collection

Vigilantes! We are excited to announce a partnership with the badasses at Dragon’s Lair. Read more about the details of our in-house game collection and how this awesome Austin retailer will be shaping your drinking and gaming experience.

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WE HAVE A LOCATION: Ten Details We’re Thrilled to Share With You

After months of work, negotiations, and planning, we have signed a lease! This is a major milestone for Vigilante becoming a reality. We’ve compiled a list of all the details we can divulge right now:

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Why a Gaming Bar?

I wanted to be Batman when I grew up until I saw an old Tom Cruise movie called Cocktail. Then I wanted to be the guy who gave Batman a drink...

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Vigilante is Coming

We are proud to announce Austin's premier bar for board gamers and nerd culture is opening this Winter. Prepare yourself for an audacious, quality, welcoming, and unabashedly nerdy experience.

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We are partnering with Nextseed, an investment crowdfunding platform.

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Who We Are

Why a gaming bar? Why Austin, Texas? Who is behind Vigilante? Find out all this and more on our blog.

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