This Friday will be—for now—our last day of operations. The dream of Vigilante is, and has always been, to provide a destination where friends can come together to enjoy a good meal, have a few drinks and appreciate board games. This is the core of who we are, but sadly this model is not sustainable—or even possible—at this time. We will reopen when full capacity is once again available to restaurants and patron polls (posted on social media in the future, stay tuned) indicate that everyone feels safe to game together again. 

Our staff put forth a truly heroic effort to prepare us for our planned reopening on June 15th, becoming carpenters, painters and even PPE experts in the process. I will forever be grateful to them for continuing to believe in Vigilante, even in the face of enormous uncertainty. 

I also want to thank our regulars who have continued to order from us, either to-go or in-house. We keep a board in the kitchen with your kitchen chits on them: they are reminders of why we love our jobs. 

If you’d like to support us during this last week, you can help us clear out our pantry by placing an order online or on-site.

COVID is not what will destroy restaurants like ours. The deciding factor will be the response on the state and federal level and the measures taken to preserve small businesses. Please consider signing the petition to pass the RESTAURANTS act and contact your local representatives to express your support for your favorite Austin establishments. 

In the meantime: Stay safe. Roll initiative online instead of in-person. Keep supporting local restaurants. Vigilante will be back soon, and when that time comes, we will be thrilled to game with you again.

Thank you all,Preston Swincher, CEO & GM
Vigilante Gastropub & Games

4 thoughts on “Temporary COVID Closure

  1. Michael Hyndman says:

    Hi Preston, Karen and I love Vigilante and will miss you guys during all of this. Sorry we couldn’t stay longer the other day but when you do reopen guests are really going to enjoy the new booths! Looking forward to playing at our favorite gastropub again in the future – our favorite has always been the Halloween events! Stay safe and well – the games will go on!

    Mike & Karen

    • Prestoooooon says:

      Thank you Mike! It was good to see you both. Thanks for the kind words; the games will go on and I very much look forward to talk D&D with you again soon!

  2. Claire says:

    Hey Preston! Doug and I will definitely come to visit when traveling to Austin is safe again! We miss y’all!

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