Compete for food! Select advantageous traits for your species to survive or be naturally selected!

Draw a card every turn and hope it’s not a detonating kitty. Steal your opponent’s ability to evade death.

Steal treasure from the island and escape before the volcano traps you!

Firefighters work together to rescue people from a burning home. Careful, fire has a mind of its own!

Explorers attempt a daring theft of treasure from a desert that is rapidly threatening to bury you in sand!

Explorers attempt a daring theft of treasure from a jungle island that is rapidly sinking under the ocean!

Work together to escape in your rocket before you're blasted to bits!

Be a kid! Make friends! Eat pizza! Get toys! Build a dope fort!

Guide your foxes through the forest to collect gems, but don't get lost!

Build your resume from random job qualifications then pitch yourself as the ideal match to the hiring manager.

Make your family as depressed as possible and then kill them off! Murder your opponents while they’re not too sad.

Draft the ideal fuel cards ahead of your opponents. Then manipulate gravity & your position to escape a black hole.