Add land to your kingdom! Match terrain to earn points. Anticipate your opponent’s next move to win.

Work together to compose words... without seeing all the letters you're working with!

Woo the princess by navigating your messages through the court. Get rid of other suitors through deduction.

Pull off 4 heists simultaneously to acquire all of the necessary equipment for your next adventure. Don’t get lost in the labyrinth!

Character abilities travel around the table like masks. Track who has what and bluff your way to obtaining coins.

You're curator and critic: manipulate the value of paintings and sell high to win.

Connect to your allies and read their minds, syncing up your words in three tries or less!

Answer prompts, some serious and some silly, about death.

Work with your fellow investigators to solve a murder... but one of you is the murderer!

A team of psychics is guided by a Ghost through haunting images to uncover the secrets of a mystery.

Use the Grimoire to guide you towards the exit, but beware the sorcerer’s illusions as well as a traitor in your midst!

The village sleeps. Some awaken villagers Others as secret werewolves! Identify the hidden wolves in 5 minutes!