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Mark of the Vigilante

We <3 all kinds of games. Sometimes we want to chill and laugh over a social game, and sometimes we want to drink the blood of our enemies. In the spirit of both, we want to give you the opportunity to compete for a prize rewarded for acts above and beyond the call of duty. Any bar with a half decent trivia night will give you a gift certificate (and we’ll do some of that too). We wanted to give you something that money can’t buy. We are happy to reveal: The Mark of the Vigilante, our reward for patron awesomeness.

If you manage to acquire a Mark, return it to us for any of the following:

  • A table-wide shareable dessert from our Secret Menu
  • Private room upgrade (assuming one is available)
  • Straight to the top of the waiting list on a busy night
  • Any swag item (T-Shirt, Pint Glass, etc)

Times when you can earn a Mark of the Vigilante:

  • As a prize for winning a major Vigilante contest
  • As part of our rewards program for people who are members of our Secret Society that totally does NOT exist
  • Acts of Valor

Marks of the Vigilante are tokens of valor rewarded for Great Acts. Earning one is a badass boon for yourself and your friends. When you want to redeem one, present it to a Vigilante staff member. They will guide you from there.

We look forward to serving you,


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