Weight: how complex the rules and gameplay are.
Mechanics: specific game features that you enjoy.

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Humans flee the evil Cylons to find a new home in space… Except some of the humans are Cylons!

Explore a spooky house until The Haunting is Revealed, turning one friend into an enemy!

Is your opponent a person or a robot? Can you tell just by talking to them?

Work with your fellow investigators to solve a murder... but one of you is the murderer!

The village sleeps. Some awaken villagers Others as secret werewolves! Identify the hidden wolves in 5 minutes!



Dwarves work together to mine for gold, but one of you is a traitor!



Accuse and defend your fellow townsfolk as you hunt down the witches of Salem.


Secret Hitler

The Liberals are trying to save the world. But the fascists are secretly working to elect Hitler chancellor!

Knights of the Round Table must save Camelot while dealing with a traitor in their midst.


The Chameleon

One player is the secret Chameleon. They must stay concealed by pretending they know the secret word.

The warriors of King Arthur’s Court must save the world while the dark forces of Mordred secretly work among them.


The Shining

Live in the Overlook Hotel during the winter... but which one of you has already succumbed to Evil?