Weight: how complex the rules and gameplay are.
Mechanics: specific game features that you enjoy.

Select a game to make a reservation.

Party & parlour games that are more about having fun than winning… unless you are VERY competetive.

Select whatever horrible response to whatever horrible idea the judge has drawn. Know your audience to win.

Get the party to say a word/phrase. Lead their thought process by putting markers on a massive icon board.

The storyteller crafts a one–sentence tale inspired by a picture card. Others must pick that card out of many cards!

Build your resume from random job qualifications then pitch yourself as the ideal match to the hiring manager.

Create a hilarious dirty three-panel comic with your friends!

Build the highest structure from a bunch of junk. Test your creativity and don’t let your pieces fall!

Discover as many mystery words as possible. Find the best unique clue to help your teammate!

Take turns attempting to get their teammates to guess names by describing or imitating well-known people.

The absolute filthiest version of Would You Rather ever made. Torture each other by creating the toughest choices.

Collect ten miserable cards by guessing how horrible their life events are compared to other horrible events.

Mash two words together to make a product. Then convince the judge to buy that product!

Set your hero on the stage, and argue why they'd win the fight.