Weight: how complex the rules and gameplay are.
Mechanics: specific game features that you enjoy.

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Party & parlour games that are more about having fun than winning… unless you are VERY competetive.

Work together to draw a picture... but which one of you doesn't know what is being drawn?

You're big pharma: advertise your new drug while downplaying its side effects!

Select whatever horrible response to whatever horrible idea the judge has drawn. Know your audience to win.

Get the party to say a word/phrase. Lead their thought process by putting markers on a massive icon board.

Decrypt your opponent's messages while ensuring they don't do the same to you!

The storyteller crafts a one–sentence tale inspired by a picture card. Others must pick that card out of many cards!

Build your resume from random job qualifications then pitch yourself as the ideal match to the hiring manager.

Create a hilarious dirty three-panel comic with your friends!

Build the highest structure from a bunch of junk. Test your creativity and don’t let your pieces fall!

Discover as many mystery words as possible. Find the best unique clue to help your teammate!

Connect to your allies and read their minds, syncing up your words in three tries or less!

Answer prompts, some serious and some silly, about death.