Create the hero with the greatest destiny. Acquire traits, face challenges, and overcome adversaries!

Your team pilots a submarine in real time while puzzling out where the enemy is. Torpedos away!

Build out a landscape of farms, cities, roads and cloisters. Balance claiming areas with countering your opponent.

Select whatever horrible response to whatever horrible idea the judge has drawn. Know your audience to win.

Work with your team to defend the castle from waves of goblins, orcs, and worse. Only one player can be a master slayer!

Build villages and cities to earn victory points. Diversify or focus your strategy to maximize the return on your assets!

Defend your King with the other members of your kingdom, be aware of the game ending checkmate!

Move about the dungeon as you grow in power. Use your skills to slay monsters, and burgle from the dragon!

Catch the culprit of a crime by identifying who did it, with what, and where.

Team up with friends in a race among secret agents. Give word clues to tie together disparate concepts.

Swap one-word coded clues with your partner, trying to identify specific word cards

A bunch of bandits are robbing the same train at the same time. Scheme up the best plan and watch it unfold to win.