Guide your foxes through the forest to collect gems, but don't get lost!

Build your resume from random job qualifications then pitch yourself as the ideal match to the hiring manager.

Make your family as depressed as possible and then kill them off! Murder your opponents while they’re not too sad.

Draft the ideal fuel cards ahead of your opponents. Then manipulate gravity & your position to escape a black hole.

Only your friends know what is in your hand! Use their hints to make the best play possible.

Gather adorable neighborhood cats into your home to be ultimate cat lady.

Work together to rid the town of the maniacal monsters before it is too late!

A gorgeous, old-timey feeling card game. Change the seasons to manipulate possible actions to your advantage.

Anticipating the market and manage your hand to trade your opponent into a corner!

One player (the shark) eats swimmers while avoiding the other players as long possible.

Create a hilarious dirty three-panel comic with your friends!

Build the highest structure from a bunch of junk. Test your creativity and don’t let your pieces fall!