Use the Grimoire to guide you towards the exit, but beware the sorcerer’s illusions as well as a traitor in your midst!

Emergency responders work together to cure diseases and save the world from succumbing to epidemics.

Close portals, shut down cultists, and stave off insanity before an Old One awakens!

A team of responders must save the world from disease. Roll with opportunities, but don’t push too far!

Sow your crops wisely and use their shadows to slow down your opponents. Don’t forget the sun revolves around the forest!

The absolute filthiest version of Would You Rather ever made. Torture each other by creating the toughest choices.

Grabbing marbles from the ingredient drawer causes ingredients to roll around, possibly exploding!

Help companies that are "too big to fail" without tanking your country's economy.

Act as a charlatan to create new secret brews. Take care with what to add, don’t spoil the mixture!

A team of scientists vs. a mama raptor: can they capture her babies and not get eaten?

Create the ideal date for one of your friends… Then try and ruin everyone else’s proposed dates!

You're a wizard! Cunningly use your resources to build up magic to conquer your enemies.