Dwarves work together to mine for gold, but one of you is a traitor!

Accuse and defend your fellow townsfolk as you hunt down the witches of Salem.

Compete while answering absurd, hilarious questions.

Smugglers lie or bribe their way past the Sheriff to get their goods into town. Take turns as smuggler and sheriff!

Collect ten miserable cards by guessing how horrible their life events are compared to other horrible events.

Lay cunning traps and trick your opponents into making bad gambles. Or grab points if they get greedy!

Take exactly your bid to be victorious: win or lose tricks as your situation demands.

Use combos of races & powers to control the map. Send your race into decline to grow a new race to keep control!

Mash two words together to make a product. Then convince the judge to buy that product!

Earn prestige by gathering wealth and influence. Choose between gaining resources or increasing buying power.

Manipulate the rules and win condition to be victorious!

Buy cards to build a deck of spaceships to defeat your opponent’s simultaneously growing fleet.